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AAA-West En-Banc appeal

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Correct. Issue not ripe in the justices' eyes.

All that means is that the West hasn't been affected YET. The company would be crazy to deal with the East and do it their way, because as soon as they do that, the West will cry "ripe" and they will THEN WIN. Can you explain how this was a WIN for the East? Maybe a Delay, but not a win. As soon as something AFFECTS the West, they will sue and win. And, the West guys still make more money than the East guys per hour on the 757s and smaller busses.

Bye Bye--General Lee
Jesus, what is this.. a game of cricket?

When will this crap end?
As soon as the Easties want it to. They started the war and the West is only defending itself.

Binding arbitration is supposed to be binding even when the result is disliked.

We started a war? Weren't you guys the plaintiffs? This is over now unless you guys decide to waste everyone's time with another lawsuit.

Nicolau arbitrated a dispute between two ALPA's. That's history. We have a new union because the vast majority wanted one. ALPA sucks, and it has for many years. Many of your pilots know this at their core, which is why they tried to get rid of ALPA too, before the St. Nic landed in your laps and all of a sudden ALPA looked real good, if only as a means of keeping the windfall that put you on top of a seniority list with massive retirements and wide body flying and opportunities that would have never, never ever, existed for you out of LAS or PHX.

We didn't sue you. You started the legal battle, which I have to say is an improvement over the period of time you guys were mailing feces to the union. You are to be commended for elevating yourselves to at least legitimate actions pursued in court. Commendations aside, though, it doesn't change the fact that the West is in charge of letting this fight die, not the East. The courts have opined that a contract with the Nic windfall in it is not going to be ratified. Attempting to ratify a contract with the Nic in it would be a waste of time for USAPA. So, what exactly do you suggest they do?

Mediated negotiations are under way. You'd be best served to get a grip on what's really going on, not just what your team posts on the Internet. Your Date of Hire, combined with generous one-way protections designed to bolster your lot in light of the fact that you're at the younger airline, is not exactly a poke in the eye. It only looks that way if you imagine that the Nic is in place. The 9th circuit let go of that fantasy, not even considering it plausible; perhaps it's time for you to do so, as well.
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It won't end until all the pre merger East pilots are retired, the company is sold off in parts, or liquidates. And even then there may be some more lawsuits. What a marriage made in Hell. I honestly feel for both sides.

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