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AA Future Plans/Hiring

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Furloughed and lovin' it
Mar 2, 2002
I've stated in previous threads that I believe the recall rates/new hiring will depend on future aircraft deliveries at American. A new ask and answer on the company site shows our current delivery plans for the next two years. I believe that if these numbers start going up, which I think they will in the next six months or so, then people will be coming back.

Aircraft Deliveries

Q: How many 737/757/ 767/777 have we received in 2002, and how many are planned to be delivered in 2002/ 2003?

A: We will or have received 3 B777s and 7 B757s in 2002. There were no B737 deliveries. The plan for 2003 includes 6 B777 deliveries, 4 B737 deliveries and the 9 B767 replacements for the retiring TWA B767s.
You are the eternal optomist aren't you? I hope your right. I look forward to the day I get to go back.

In furloughity.
Just received from Kudwa's Captain's Corner:

First, I want to fill you in a little bit on our Recalls. We are pretty excited about getting these pilots back in the cockpit. I thought you might like to know a few of the statistics.

We have recalled 208 furloughees effective May 1st. That means they will go back on payroll May 1 and train as the slots become available. By the time we get through training everyone, it will be the end of 2002. We hope to recall more furloughees early next year.

The bid choices for our returning pilots include F/O slots in:
§ LGA 767 Domestic and International
§ LGA S80 D
§ BOS S80 D
§ ORD S80 D
§ ORD F100 D
Approximately 1/3 of these folks will be requal.

Of the 208, 42 will be on a Military Leave and 3 have deferred. Everyone else is coming back. I have received messages from many of them and their enthusiasm can only be described as electric! I am not sure who is happier about this, me or them.

Boldprint added by me.
I hope you are right. THis furlough thing is getting realy old. One message from the company I read says the 208 getting recalled will be trained in May, June and part of July. This is a long way from the end of the year. How close are you guys from the top or bottom...
So far all indications are this is an actual recall. The recallees are going back to the AA side, and TWA is supposedly manned appropriately, if not a little short. TWA has stated that there will be no further furloughs from that side, so there we are. We all hope the recall notices keep coming, but I think it won't be until the end of the year before the next group is recalled.
Re: Question

Humblepilot said:
So this is a recall of actual AA pilots without pushing out TWA LLC pilots? Just curious


Yes. After single carrier was annonced 208 "real" AA pilots were senior to the staple date (March 10) of TWA's Pilots. The next 310 pilots to be recalled are former TWA pilots and then there is 383 (i think) AA pilots to be recalled. Hope we all get back reAAl soon... If there is another furlough the 208 would still have jobs because all the rest of the furloughs will be from TWA.

I'm real tired of this furlough too, and its only been 6 months. I got real bored the other day and ran the numbers off of the new seniority list. Of the original AA'ers in the 386, I counted 290 above me and 190ish below me. So I asked myself, 290+190=386. Well I kept counting. I didn't realize the 100 or so in ground school were not in the 386 number. Have you guys come up with the same thing?

So that's where I lie, about 600 in front of me to go. It's going to be awhile. This sucks.

From what I understand (which is not much) the numbers do not match up because some of those guys are from the Eagle Flow through, but since you have already finished training the former Eagle pilots will not come on the property until all of the 310 and the 386 get called back even though they are probably senior to both of us. How's that for a run on sentence. I am 58 from being called back, but that is just as good as being 758 away. I beleive they will not call back until they are way short of pilots and they will figure how to train a hell of alot more than 50/month. Again I do not know anything that you have not read.
No worries, my Louisiana education learned me how to read run on sentences good. Your probably right, they will be maxing out the reserves and be begging the union to allow them to flex. In the meantime, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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