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Young pilot advice

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Aug 16, 2005
I just got on at Simuflite in the right seat program for the BE350. After I complete school. What would anyone recommend for me to pursue next in the way of employment. I've already done some of the usual things(I think) as far as posting my resume on climbto350 and other various website. I'm about a 750 hour pilot. Thanks in advance for all the help...
Networking with the clients you meet at Simuflite would help. They would have a real good idea how you would be to fly with from the sim sessions. Also have business cards printed up for pilot services or contract work.

Yep, keep your resume updated, and try to get some actual time in the plane. Get the type-rating as soon as practical. Not familiar with the SF program, but I believe the do type you at some point.

Express your willingness to do contract work, which will get you some time in the "system". And co-migle with the folks next door also.

You're on your way. Good luck.

Look for all the places like Air Cargo Carriers, Superior Aviation that hire SIC's for turbo prop equipment. It is on-demand cargo, but it builds your hours and you will learn a lot about flying an airplane under all conditons when it is dark. BTW do you have college degree yet?
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I have a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. I know, why aviation when I have a perfectly good degree? I guess I'm glutton for punishment. I didn't think about the business cards, thanks! Guys I really appreciate the responses. It's really rewarding when this flying stuff starts to look like it's going to start paying off a little bit. Any other suggestions would really be appreciated...
Go to veterinarian school
This is still a great career. I dropped out of it for around 5 years, ran my own business, missed flying and came back. It is the best thing I have ever done. I have never made over $100K per year and I still feel this is a great career. If you like to fly, you can make a comfortable living and do something you like. How many people get to do that? Not many I would guess. Follow your gut instinct, if you like to fly go for it you will succeed. If you are in it for big bucks, prestige, respect, or QOL you may be making posts like you see in this thread.

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