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XJET Interviewing?

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Well-known member
Sep 26, 2005
I just got a call from Xjet asking for an updated resume. I now have 1050TT/106 Multi (wow. i know) Are they currently offering interviews? If this has been discussed lately, sorry, i havent been looking around here lately.
Yes we are interviewing and running classes of 40-60 a month. Good luck!

Anyone got a schedule for upcoming class dates?

I was really hoping to get a class date earlier than December! I need to get out of my current job...bad.

Good luck to you guys interviewing...it was a great experience for me and everyone at the training center and airport- awesome.
Congrats apache! All i can recommend is call every so often and ask if there are any spots open for earlier classes. Sometime people dont show or call and say they changed their minds. I was moved up one class by doing this. Dont harass but tell them what class you are in and that you would like them to know that you are willing to come to an earlier class if a spot opens.

I got the call as well. I am already in an ERJ ground school somewhere else. Hmmm what to do.

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