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Would you leave your regional job for Netjets?

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I was seriously considering leaving a regional for NJA, but with the new contract, and the inability to commute to one of the 6 domiciles, I am not even tempted to put my hat in the ring.

Plus I heard the upgrade time is going to slow to a crawl.

My 2c

With their new TA I briefly considered giving NetJets a shot but, since I never seriously considered them before the TA, I quickly realized that it would take more than money to change my view. It was a fun idea while it lasted, though.

First off, the schedule wouldn't suit me very well. I currently avoid 4 days like the plague (even 3 days tend to test my attention span) so the longer trips at NetJets would not be very enjoyable for me personally.

I also like the predictibility of my airline schedule. I know where I'm going, when I'm going there, and when I'll be done. That suits me much better than the way things go at NetJets. I do wish for a little more variety in my flying from time to time but I don't want to give up my schedule to get it. Again, that's just a personal choice/preference.

With the way things are going in the airline industry these days I may be shortsighted in not considering a fractional job, but knowing myself as I do I don't think I'm suited to the fractional lifestyle.
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Orginally it was an aspiration of mine to fly for one of the fractionals. As it is now, I think I'll stay with my regional carrier. I think the quality of life is better and my lines (should) get better with time. Some of the lines with my carrier offer 18 days off, not bad at all. Right now it's more about quality of life above $$ or career advancement, but everyone's circumstance is different.

Read, listen, learn, and make an informed descision that best fits YOU!

I did before the TA was put on the table.
At least Ill be with alot of the same people at NJA that I was with at Indy Air.
mooser said:
Currently at XJET...considering it...


You're kidding, right? Just a few months ago, you could NOT WAIT to get hired at a regional.

Now you're "considering" leaving XJT for NJA???

Man, your case of SJS must've worn off quickly...

I wouldn't leave. I like knowing which days i'm working and which days I have off. I like the travel benefits. I hate sitting around the airport between flights and I don't like riding in the back for long flights. With PBS and enough senority you can manipulate you schedule to be exactly what you want.
Its still senoirity based do the math. Maybe we should hold your hand in the next interview.
I was at a regional and applied to NJT and then turned down the interview. They sent me a packet explaining the pilot benifits and as hard as I looked at the packet I couldn't find enough "benifits" to justify the crap pay.

I found a job flying freight in the Caribbean, Central and South America in a 727. I've been on line for a few weeks and am having a blast (though the hours are long) NJT is not the end all be all to regional flying.

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