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working for Chautauqua Airlines/Republic Airlines?

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Jul 11, 2005
I'm a corporate guy. Been flying a King Air 200 for a couple of years. Just got a call from Rosa at CHQ wanting me to come in for a interview on Aug. 23rd. Any CHQ guys out there that can help. What is the first year pay? What can you expect after 2 or 3 years? Are benefits good? Are you treated well? Any info would be appreciated.
What I meant was that he's just flaming the boards. Look at his other posts and when he registered. You can click on his name and search for other posts made. Don't expect anything too sincere or serious out of him. But I don't mind his wit either...that "hide behind your SN" once in a while can be refreshing.

Anyway, someone else will eventually chime in on your question re: CHQ.

if i wasnt to have come to XJET i would have probably tried to go to CHQ.
Stick around man...this place can be a fun, interesting and informative place to be...juvenile too...but that’s part of its allure as well.

As far as CHQ goes, I don't have enough experience to comment on them or how they compare. In the mean time, you can check out the website below. It contains some pay scales for different carriers and interview gouges.


You may also want to do a search of the boards on flightinfo.com and try to absorb some info through osmosis from the other postings.

Pay scale isn't great, growth outlook is good, quality of life is good, pilots i have flown with=excellent.

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