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Women and minority pilots.

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a&p cfiguy

Well-known member
Apr 19, 2005
I'm looking some facts. I know it may be somewhat unpopular to talk about, but I hear a lot of opinions out there and I just wonder if there are hard core facts to back them up. The other day I was speaking to an F/O for a regional carrier (i won't say which one) about women pilots. He gave me a number that was something like 90% of all incidents in his company, involved a women flight crew member. I kinda find it hard to believe and was just wondering if this guy was just a sexist, or is it really true? Do women flight crew members create a distraction? Especially very attractive ones? I'm not saying that women are bad pilots. I'm just wondering how a male/female crew will interact differently than a male/male crew. I have no idea myself, I've only flown single pilot so far myself.

Also, where are all the black pilots? I've been flying for about 5 years now, and I can honestly say, I have never met a black pilot! I've met plenty of black mechanics, lineman, etc, so I know they are out there in aviation. I have seen black foreign pilots (hatian, bahamian, etc), but I'm talking about an african-american pilot. Never seen or met any. You'd think high school guidance concelors would be encouraging this field. Anyone know any statisitcs? Again, I'm not implying anything negative here. If anything, I'd would prefer to see more diversity in aviaiton. Gets boring dealing with the same ole people everyday.
Ive had a few black instructors while getting my ratings in the NE. The flight school had several black CFI's in fact. My GF just took an RJ out to CMH and the Captain was black and the FO Hispanic. They are out there, just not in large numbers. I hardly see female pilots myself, but I know they exist.

It does appear that aviation is dominated by white males and this may make it intimidating for someone other than caucasian to get involved. They may feel as though that they won't be accepted if they arent white.

The flight school where I used to work had plenty of black students too.

For those who arent familair with it, there's a black pilots organization. I'm not sure of the website name though.

I can see how a hot FO or CAPT. might distrtact me though!

I get nervous aroundthe hot ones!!!
90%? Highly doubtful, or a remarkable coincidence.
Distraction? No, at least not an unwelcome one :)
Yes, there are black pilots.
No, guidance counselors will never recommend this career, and will never offer a single piece of useful advice to the aspiring aviator. They are simply a corrupting influence to impressionable minds.
Yes aviation is obviously dominated by white dumb men. Dont snub those black mechanics...they make a heck of a lot more that yo lilly white F/O arse!

As far as the woman thing...not sure about the distraction..the few women I have flown with were/are very competent, good pilots.

Although...one cannot deny that many women make it to positions that might not be the best qualified for because they can check that box (box, get it?) I say good for them.

anyone have a link to that Fedex broad who wrecked the MD11?...she is the perfect expample of this. If she was a he she would have NEVER been there...she should not have been behind the wheel of a minivan, nvermind an MD11.

right or wrong, just an undeniable fact.

Cant live with em, cant kill em.

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Rook said:
It's Kanye (CON-Yay)not Kayne my brotha ;)


yeah, I was told by the original spelling cop. I gotta look into this CON-Yay thing...
I will say that I've never known a guy to quit aviation for family reasons. Yet I know of several women who have scrapped/put on hold perfectly viable careers to be with their children. I say good for them - kids need parents more than the world needs another pilot.

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