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Will they hire people like us

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Active member
Jul 23, 2005
Any of you been out for three years or so and wondering if you are hireable? I'm wondering if three years without flying the line will make it even more difficult to get a job?
I was out six months and managed a job, but I had been doing a little CFI work to keep current....

I was out 10 years, and was hired, but that was 2001, when hiring was crazy. It depends on your timing. U may have to wait 'til 2011/2012.

Why the hell would anyone want to "get back in" this sewer of an industry?
cause they luv fly'n sooo much :erm:
you will be hired after the ones who have maintained some type of currency. It is always easier to get a flying job, when you have a flying job.
It all depends on how bad they need people. Nowadays, you have 4000 resumes from current pilots with thousands of hours for crummy RJ jobs. Right now nobody is hiring, and it sucks. Things will get better, it's just gonna take some time. In 2012, when EVERYBODY is hiring, and there's not tons of out-of-work pilots applying to everything, 1000 hours and 100 multi will look pretty damn good. But right now, if you don't have thousands of hours, recent currency, and an internal rec, you don't have a popsicle's chance in hell. It's all about the current market, and the current market sucks donkey weiner.

For pilots who hate the industry, I suggest switching to medical school. After you are done with ALL your schooling, training, interneship (with NO duty days or duty hours) you can be join the General Practitioners. Right now well over 1/2 of them want to quit because they say their profession is not worth it any more.

Ring any bells???

Earth is not easy, and that goes for a lot of the jobs and professions out there!

Stop it Cliff, you're making sense again!
BTW, don't expect major hiring until 2013 or 2014. Age 65 doesn't even hit until the end of 2012. Some furloughs come back, and then watch out!

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