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Will SWA reinterview after 6 months soon?

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Well-known member
Nov 1, 2005
Hello all, 1st post. I struck out the first time but I've read how I am in esteemed company. Question is this:

Will Southwest change from a 12 month wait to a 6 month wait anytime soon?

I hear that pilots without types are getting looks now with IP time, but what about those who want a second chance?

Chase, are you out there? Talk to me, Goose.

I haven't heard any discussion/rumor about shortening the wait between interviews down to 6 months or anything less than 1 year. I'm not in the know on that & while it could be changed in the future with the number of applications I hear that are on file there would appear to be an abundant number of pilots who have sufficient enough qualfications to continue to use 1 year as the benchmark with no reduction in quality whatsoever.

A year is a long time but in reality in the course of a 15/20/25 year career the extra year one (or even longer if multiple attempts are required) has to tread water is viewed by the folks I know who have had that same experience as a shorterm memory.....continue to use the year to improve oneself & work to make oneself more competitive & improve one's interviewing skills (if one believes one needs to)....come back the next time sounding & looking even better than before & the time will be well spent. Good luck on subsequent tries & thanks for your interest in Southwest.:beer:

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