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Will comair get mesa's flying?

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No, because Delta is not going to "buy" anything from Mesa. Delta will not put out capital to purchase anything to give to Comair, seeing how Comair is a subsidiary of Delta.

I do agree with the above post that nobody will.
DL has made it known the need to greatly reduce 50 seat RJ lift. There not going to replace F8 as it is excess. They'll move on to the next slaughter victim. Eventually DL will consolidate regional feed and have fewer carriers operating 700/900/E70 aircraft and one or two will operate what 50 seat lift is still required to fromer Saab stations, off peak flights, maybe some P2P and smaller focus cities.
Exactly. There is a market for 50 seaters, but that market isn't EVERYWHERE like it has been the last decade.
No one will get this flying. Delta has made it clear that they wish to reduce 50-seat airframes within the DCI fleet. That was the reason they wanted to cancel this contract in the first place.

The only slightly positive effect that this will have is that it will reduce the pressure from other carriers (temporarialy) to remove more airframes this year, and possibly next.

Even in recent recurrent groundschool Q & A's Bendoritis (CMR pres) has made it clear that a Delta win in this will not create "additional" flying for any carrier within the DCI system.

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but that is the reality of this situation.

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