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Why do majors keep paying Republic to do flying?

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because their contracts require them to. And it would probably be an antitrust violation to stop paying them because they are competitors
If you just now thought of this, then Sully is right. The world of aviation isn't attracting the best and the brightest anymore.
Ok why does American Airlines start paying them? Or where they doing it before?

Old TWE contract. CHQ has been flying in STL for years, but AA is shifting the flying. I wouldn't be surprised to see BB try to get out of it early, I've always heard its not very profitable....
Ok thanks you don't have to bite. I have only been paying attention the them screwing me on the Delta side. I didn't even know they were flying for AA. I have been flying part 121 for 9 years. I am sorry I am so new.
Just whant to know how CHQ is screwing you and ASA,
Compas, Skywest, Mesa, Pinacle and Shutle America are
helping your endevour men!!!!

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