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Who's the best regional to work for?

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Nov 3, 2005
I know this is a question with a ton of variables. But generally speaking, which regional treats its employees well, and seems to have the happiest workers?
LOL, I would probably say none of them! You pick your posion in this business! What are you looking for? (1)You have stable companies with good working contracts, but that equals a long time to upgrade. (2)You have companies that have really crappy contracts, but it has a less then 2 year upgrade!
If I were you I would try to get on with a regional that allows you to still live at home... With maybe a one leg commute to your job. These jobs are not worth a 2 leg commute, and having only ten days off a month.
I ended up coming to PDT because I am from Eastern NC and went to college at UNC-W. And found that PDT had a base in EWN! I am less then a 2hr drive to friends in Wilmington and family in Fayetteville!
It makes the stress of working at a regional a bit more bareable!!
It's all a crap shoot anyway..... This years best regional, is next years pay cutters and base closure and movers!!!
Basically------------> Good Luck in the Proffesion you have Chosen!!!! You'll need it!!!
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While were at it....Coke or Pepsi, Ford or Chevy, Shaken or Stirred, Baked or Fried......
Just Having a little fun here, It seems like every week or so this thread gets started, usually along the same lines. Should I go to ABC or XYZ airlines??, whos the best???, whats the quickest upgrade??. Do a search and I'm sure you'll get more info than you care to sort through.
Mesabas' flight attentdants are easy, but ugly.
Eagles' are pretty, but not easy.
Comairs' are easy, ugly and carry 'The Viruss'...be afraid.
aviator1978 said:
Any regional carriers have bases in Austin or San Antonio, TX?

The only closest I can think of are Colgan and ExpressJet for commuting to IAH. Maybe even Eagle if you can get DFW.

Wasn't there just a thread on this???:rolleyes: I think everyone agreed that "good" and "regional" should not be paired together!!!!:laugh: In all honesty, they ALL suck!!!! :p From personal experience, of course!!:beer:

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