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Where's the resolution JoeMerchant????

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1. That LEC meeting was the day before I started this.

2. I doubt you were really there as I said several things regarding the XJT merger and regarding merger issues.

3. Presently trying to gather support from other ALPA carriers....this will only work if other carriers join in.

4. This particular resolution will only be put forth IF the CMR rumors prove true. Hopefully it won't be needed.

Ya' know what... I change my mind. I think this proposal has real merit. It only needs one stipulation for it to really work for everyone: Let's invert the ASA seniority list immediately before we put the Comair guys on the ASA list with DOH for all purposes... #1 is the plug and the plug is #1.

The original proposal clearly demonstrated that seniority wasn't important to Joe; my version of this DOH integration should be an improvement to Joe's scheme. Whadya say?
You are completely wrong and way off base...Mesa literally lowered the bar as far as pay and QOL for all regional carriers for many many years.

Because of illegal predatory pricing, a good airline (Aloha) is now out of business.

JO is widely accepted as one of the worst CEO's in America.

Not in this world or the next, does ASA suck more than Mesa. I'd rather move to North Korea than work for Mesa.

You're right as this has been corroborated by many people. Not slamming the Mesa pilots or f/as but JO has hurt them beyond belief. I think that's how all this whipsawing started. Some feel that way about Republic too but don't think they are worse than Mesa. Comair raised the bar for Regional's but also got spanked in the process and then some...
How 'bout ASA integrates EVERY pilot displaced, furloughed or from a now defunct airline! Bring us your tired, your wretched, your poor! We'll take everyone!

Seriously though, if Mesa also loses Delta and/or United flying, and ASA were to receive some of that, are we going to resolve to bring their pilots, too? Just wondering!

This type of "resolution" would be a death blow to the unity of our pilot group. Not only would the passing of such a proposition result in an instant recall of the MEC/LEC, it would draw a huge dividing line right through the ranks, with a probable majority against this type of thing. While I feel for the Comair folks, there are too many factors involved in there demise for us to share in there fate. What you are proposing would create massive stagnation for our people and severly hinder there QOL.

You are correct though in your implication that the union is not truly a union...
I'll second the motion if it includes the provision to furlough from the top down if we end up overstaffed. If you're so sure it's a great move, put your money where your mouth is. Sorry to be so blunt, but it is what it is. The guys on the bottom are in a tough spot, what with already merging carriers with a 200 guys senior to us on the other side... on furlough.
I'm sceptical of this provision just based on Joe's history. I haven't forgotten about your attempt to undermine ASA ALPA with your Secretary stunt you pulled a few years ago.

There's more to this than trying to support the Comair pilots. My guess is, it gets voted down, and Joe has more ammo to thump his chest about how ALPA has failed again, and needs to be removed.

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