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When ATC reads ATIS too fast?

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Sep 25, 2004
I understand that sometimes the local controller gets busy and is therefore cramped for time, But...
Why do they sometimes read the ATIS too fast?? Is speed that necessary? I consider myself to be a fairly competent pilot, yet, with room to still learn. Going into ACK yesterday, the report was issued so fast that I couldn't even understand the phrase "Nantucket weather". It's even more of a distraction when the weather turns out to be low, which it was.
I don't think this is isolated to any airport or controller, just time of day and workload situations.
WhatdoyousaytothecontrollerswhentheygiveATIStooquickly? What'sthemostproperwaytotellATChowannoyingthatis?
Statements retracted due to excessive heat of responses :eek:

Sorry to ruffle your feathers guys, maybe I should have spent a few more seconds thinking before hitting the "quick reply" button. :(
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My home base is a training facility and about every third new controller we get thinks he/she is preparing for rush hour in New York. I have no trouble asking them to repeat it and slow down.

How do you get them to repeat the ATIS?

??? Well, I just keep listening, and it usually repeats all by itself. :D Maybe he thought the original poster meant getting a rapid fire ATC clearance.

Anyway, if for some reason you can't get the ATIS, just tell the approach controller and they will read it to you.

But with 8,000 hrs I'm sure you thought of that. :rolleyes:
I'm just curious what 8,000 hours has to do with not being able to hear rocket-fire ATIS transmissions?? Someone can only comprehend and write down what he hears so fast.

It's hard to write as fast as they talk sometimes, especially if the weather isn't good, and a lot of information is given.

What makes me mad is when they rocket-fire the ATIS, and then I have to sit thru 15 minutes of NOTAM's, before I can get another "shot" at getting the info I need!
Kream926 said:
ive always loved the automated ones

ATIS by Machintosh

Okay, except when they get so LOOOOONNNNG! Coming home to FLL last month, missed part of it so listend again. Waited three minutes to find out what I missed.....
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I know what you mean dude. I think its the classic misconception that some pilots have that "fast means good and proficient." I go in and out of the busiest places in the world, but you go into a "slow" airport and the controller is speed reading the ATIS recording.
Some pilots do the same. As an IP, I've seen some guys try to flow too damn fast, and read checklist at breakneck speed. Some guys think fast is good, it's not.

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