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What's your side job?

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Airline Pilot27

High Speed... Aww shut up
Nov 27, 2001
Just curious what the rest of you pilots do with your off time or when on Reserve. After 3 yrs with a mAAjor regional, I am currently on reserve (AKA house arrest). We have a 1.5 hour reserve callout so my options are limited to staying within close proximity to the DFW airport. I am getting a little bored. You can only drink and snowboard so much! I have even considered jobs at either Home Depot or Bartending/waitering jobs with my 10 scheduled days off. This makes the most amount of sense because my reserve days are basically additional days off. So the question is what types of other side jobs are guys doing?
CFI during the day/afternoon hours, Police Dispatcher 2nd watch.

Wanna be flight attendant interviewer!

Anything for a buck! :D
GSE Mechanic, FSD.
I guess that would be my main job, but just wanted to put in my two cents......:rolleyes:
Hey Falcon Capt.
Any tips you could share about how to get into designing websites for people or small businesses...how to website or tech school? I find myself getting very bored sitting reserve lately and have always wanted to try my hand at webdesign.
I taught myself web design over a few years of playing with it... then did a couple web sites for a non-profit company that got great reviews... so decided to make a side business out of it... I incorporated last year... We make a decent supplimental income from it plus we work our own schedule and I can even do work while on the road with my laptop....

I use Front Page 2002 and Paint Shop Pro 7.02....
SELL on EBay.

Setup a reseller’s license with your state and get your federal tax paper as well. This is what you need to buy wholesale from companies, and then you turn around and sell it on EBay. Software and computer parts are some of the easiest things to sell. You may be more interested in aviation stuff.

With some of the sophisticated auction software out their, you can make thousands per month. But it will easily become a full time job if you can’t keep track of e-mail and paperwork.

The most difficult part is establishing a relationship with a distributor or manufacturer. The above papers add credibility.

I work about 5 hrs a week, generating about 200 profit per week.

Keep your costs low, and let your bidders compete on how high of a price they will pay.

This is how I am paying for my flight training. My goal is to get all my licenses without any out of pocket expenses. So far so good. If I ever quit my day job, this will be a great supplement for the first few years of flying.

You can always check out me auctions:

Good Luck,

I own a bar that features "Adult Entertainment" (of the female kind). We are about to open a second one in the next several months.

Before anyone thinks how great it may sound (girls + booze), its a royal pain and the hours are very, very long. The money makes it worth it in the long run.
I have probably considered everyone of those options at some point even the nudie bar idea. I will probably just try to Bartend on the side. Owning my own "adult entertainment" Bar would be a dream come true Boeingman.

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