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What's the good word at Virgin America?

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Several of our fuloughed DX'ers are there I can ask around.
I'm not really looking to leave my current situation, but I always like to see what's out there and keep my options open.
The big issue is VA's right to exist......
Whoo-hoo! My friend/nemesis Rez has decided to join the discussion! Ya know, one of these days, we're gonna have to go grab a beer...

Question: Would your opinion change if VX pilots chose to vote ALPA on the property?...or would your head explode? :)
The good word is that, apparently, a Hedge Fund (even if they are still participating) is somehow able to Vote.

Even better, a Hedge Fund that cashed out seven months ago is somehow still able to Vote.

Forget Good word. It's GREAT word for Ignoring Cabotage Restrictions.

This is the door opening for AeroSomolia pilots taking your job.
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sadly though, no foreign pilots would lower themselves to the pay levels in America. when virgin nigeria was around, they were paid more than virgin america, so dispite ALPAs rubbish about protecting american jobs they really dont have to worry, nobody in their right mind would work over here for the third world paychecks american pilots get these days.
VX will not go ALPA anytime soon for the same reason B6 won't. Too many of their pilots are legacy furloughs who wrongly blame ALPA for their predicament.
And since this is a discussion concerning the VX DISPATCHERS (well, that was the original intent), how in the the hell is ALPO relevant? Q@$>%$#%

Typical pilots - thinking everything revolves around them
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