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western michigan

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pimpin' aint easy
Feb 28, 2003
anyone go to or work at this school. i met a couple of really cool guys there and i was considering applying there as a cfi. any info would be appreciated.

Don't work or go there, but...

It is a highly acclaimed program, and the guys I know that go or went to school there have been upstanding - also heard some scuttle they might be getting Cirrus planes, but not sure of the status of that. There are some Broncos on this board that could give you some better info, though. About all I really know is Meeeshigan winters = brutal!

Purdue is also looking for full-time CFIs. Good luck in your job search!
I went to WMU, but didn't CFI there, long story. I could have though, and almost went back. I loved it there, but I am biased. The weather might be tough in the winter, but you are gonna get your time with students, primary, instrument, and commercial, gonna get your actual, and in a timely manner to get to the next step. I can't say much about multi instruction, but renting the twins will be cheaper for you as an instructor. Good luck with the decision........
im from buffalo i know how winters can be. i could stay here in tulsa and work...bbbbbbbuuut i really really wanna get outta here and move closer to home.

thanks for the replies guys
I went through the program at Western and can say the college flight program is one of the top three in the nation. Rumor has it that WMU is going to replace their C-172R fleet with new SR-20's starting this fall, even some SR-22's. And rumors were hinting for an annoucement at oshkosh, but sounds like there were some problems, and I would guess a delay ( push back to winter, spring)?
Good times can be had at Western and Kalamazoo....lots of good lookin women, party's, at main campus. And K'zoo has a fun selection of bars and festivals to keep you entertained. Most new students start at Kalamazoo's old aviation facility, and then go to the new facility in Battle Creek after the instrument rating. The down side are the winters, and flying is at a min. from December till March. Makes time for hard studying and icing situations though. Hope this helps with your choice.
Flight Team

Third in the nation the last 3 years and first place the year before that doesn't seem too shabby to me...
I went to and graduated from WMU and lived in French Hall back in '82-86. I was in aeronautical engineering until I switched to Biology then went to med school. My freind Skip and roommate went through the program and is the manager and chief CFI at Windy City Flyers at PWK. Tons of women, great party school!
as long as i can fly, party, and especially look at women, i think ill do ok. theres not too much of those here in oklahoma. either they are pregnant of have 4 teeth

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