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Week at Netjets

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Jun 2, 2004
Can anybody describe a typical week at Netjets from the Day one to seven. Major differences between 121 and fractionals as far as work rules, qol schedule, dispatch, crew meals, per diem, anything you guys can think of. Thanks for all the help.
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www.redoneaviation.com found all of the info below there free. QOL, 7 days on, 7 days off. Perdiem 40 bucks a day. FOs start at $46,286.

Don't know what the deal is with the smiley faces, copied and pasted it directly from the site, apparently 0s in the 3rd time column turn into smiles.

Flight History for: EJA342 Aircraft Type: C560 Depart Arrive Status
YIP 11-19-2005 16:33 EWB 11-19-2005 17:58 Landed Details
EWB 11-19-2005 20:01 SSI 11-19-2005 22:53 Cancelled Enroute Details
SSI 11-19-2005 23:37 BOS 11-20-2005 01:45 Landed Details
BOS 11-20-2005 16:21 FRG 11-20-2005 17:05 Landed Details
FRG 11-20-2005 18:29 HPN 11-20-2005 18:43 Landed Details
HPN 11-20-2005 19:20 CHS 11-20-2005 21:13 Landed Details
CHS 11-20-2005 21:40 SUA 11-20-2005 22:46 Landed Details
SUA 11-20-2005 23:54 DAB 11-21-2005 00:28 Landed Details
VRB 11-21-2005 13:32 BVY 11-21-2005 15:53 Landed Details
DAB 11-21-2005 12:18 VRB 11-21-2005 12:53 Cancelled Enroute Details
BVY 11-21-2005 19:30 ISP 11-21-2005 20:16 Timed Out Details
BVY 11-22-2005 14:36 IAD 11-22-2005 16:01 Cancelled Details
BVY 11-22-2005 16:34 BED 11-22-2005 16:56 Cancelled Details
BVY 11-22-2005 16:04 BED 11-22-2005 16:10 Landed Details
BED 11-22-2005 20:43 BKL 11-22-2005 22:03 Landed Details
BKL 11-23-2005 02:30 HPN 11-23-2005 03:48 Cancelled Details
BKL 11-23-2005 18:19 CMH 11-23-2005 18:44 Landed Details
CMH 11-24-2005 20:02 PWK 11-24-2005 21:09 Landed Details
PWK 11-24-2005 21:30 SUA 11-25-2005 00:23 Cancelled Details
PWK 11-24-2005 22:05 SUA 11-25-2005 00:39 Landed Details
SUA 11-26-2005 01:58 VNC 11-26-2005 02:27 Landed Details
VNC 11-26-2005 04:08 HPN 11-26-2005 06:45 Enroute Details
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A tour may start at 0300 local for a 14 hr day with a swing to the late shift the next. Sometimes a tour may be relatively easy, but often very long and arduous. I average about $600/mo in OT on the old pay scale at $45/hr for the whole of '05, but I'm in the busiest fleet in the company. OT on day one provides the majority of OT with all time before 0800 local and time after 9 hrs all OT, but after day one, only time after 12 hrs is OT. The variety and flexibility prevents the rut of a routine though, and the trip goes by quickly being active.
I came to NJA straight from a regional. The biggest difference is the variety, we go to 5000 airports as opposed to flogging the same 25 over and over, and wealthy people tend to go to nice destinations. Another major difference is the quality of the hotels, we stay at very nice places. I've stayed at a Ritz Carlton more than once, and in numerous rooms costing over $500. Haven't seen a Red Roof Inn since leaving the regionals. They provide free catered crew food that beats the heck out of terminal food. I might buy one meal every other day as our union travel commitee has free breakfast negotiated for 90% of our layover hotels.
Dispatch handles all releases and they are faxed to you.
We also get to keep all airline miles and hotel points. I elected to keep the AMEX Hilton Platinum card and generate an additional 10-12k points per month on that. Diamond status is automatic at Hiltons, and Gold at most other major chains we use. This gets us executive rooms and concierge priviledges.

I have miles scattered among a number of airlines. Heard of a site named points.com that combines points/miles for a nominal annual fee. Haven't tried them, and wonder if anyone has some info as to cost of conversion to one airline to another.
Let me get this straight, you work 7 days on, 7 off, 1st year FO makes $46K a year, you stay at nice hotels, you get free food. I am supposedly at the top regional, I have been there 2 years, make $34K a year, have 13 days off a month and overnight in crap place at crap hotels, and pay for my own food, but oh yes I do make a hefty perdiem of 1.40 and hour. Why am I staying at the regionals? Oh that's right I am may or may not be upgrading soon. I assume that more and more of us regional guys are looking to the fractional as a move to a better life. So what the downside? Do you guys have to clean toliets or something?
BigDave said:
So what the downside? Do you guys have to clean toliets or something?

Actually with the pull-out "potty" on the Ultra and the 400XP, you may end up dumping a lav. That said, I've always been fortunate enough to find a line guy to do that deed for me. By the way, tip them for the lav dump and you can expense it back to the company, too.

The two most common complaints I hear for potential new-hires at NJA are: 1) the domicile issues (only 5 possible domiciles - look them up on other posts), and 2) potential long wait for upgrade, possibly 3-5 years, but no one knows for sure.

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