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Violating an FAR

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Active member
Oct 20, 2003
Racking my brains to find an FAR that one can admit to violating (other than inadvertently not slowing to 250 KIAS below 10000ft) in an interview (coming from a 121 carrier). You cannot say "never", its not believable but you don't want to hang yourself either!! Any clues? Thanks.
How about....at a remote airport, night, no maintenance, and a position light is inop? Flew home. Doesn't seem to damning.
30 nm veil Mode C or Class C mode C requirement? Let's say approach was not getting a readout on your altitude during your last flight. You landed, had the encoder replaced, ground tested it and everything appeared fine. You test flight it and asked tower for a Mode C readout. Nothing....
Transponder, that is a good one. Add to that forgetting to call ATC when entering the hold, not being able to climb/descend 500' per minute, ETA is off by three minutes or more, not calling ATC when the cigarette lighter/adapter has failed (reporting any equipment malfunction), failure to report unforecast wx (cig bkn 5000' as opposed to bkn 8000').
Good ones!

My advice: Just pick one! ;)

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