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V-22 Osprey cannot fly in ice

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it seems like the only news you ever hear about the osprey is bad news. That bird has had setback after setback.
propsarebest said:

Isnt that the freakin truth...wtf is going on. Isnt the 53 like 1/3 of the cost and can carry 2x the amout of weight as the V-22? I know its something like that just not sure what..plus the 53 is a proven airframe which the military is big on.
A "condensation stall" eh? Can somebody explain to me what a "condensation stall" is? People need to realize POGO is one of those groups with an agenda. This POGO reported was balanced out with some facts in the 10/31/05 issue of Aviation Week.

The basis of this report was a CV-22 on a ferry flight had suffered compressor stalling while in icing conditions. The engines cycled up and down several times. After the power fluctuations, the crew elected to make a precautionary landing. At no point did the engines "stall" or "fail." The CV-22 did have anti-icing systems installed, but they were not operational as testing on those systems has not been completed yet.

The aircraft (CV06) was at FL180 over Prescott, AZ when it encountered icing conditions and accumulated ice around the engine inlets. When the ice broke free and was ingested, the engines surged up and down. The aircraft did not stall or lose power and did not drop to 10,000'. After landing, the aircraft was found to have superficial damage on the tail and damaged first stage compressor blades.
That stupid thing has been in the making for 30 years. The Marine Corps is obsessed with this VSTOL business, despite the fact that it has never been decisive in combat for them. We used to ride around in Vietnam era 46's while money was being flushed down the toilet on this turd. The Harrier is another prime example. Nearly half of the AV-8's the Corps has bought have crashed. It has killed 57 Marine officers since it entered service. Hopefully F-35B will prove to be worth it's cost, but V-22 is a waste of sperm.
gnx99 said:
:rolleyes: What a piece of garbage.... We want our $15+ billion dollars back.
Hahaha...don't let FedEx find out it can't fly in ICE! They might just buy a bunch of them and figure them into the feeder flying.

Just kidding :nuts:

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