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Utah Valley State College

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Does anyone know if they are east to get a degree thru or do they sell you alot of BS. How would they compare to riddle? Thanks.
You can do much, MUCH, better.

I'd say more, but I've been threatened several times for posting material about their program and school.

Suffice it to say that there are better programs, and better schools.

Threatened by whom?

By a half-baked school that was a community college two years ago?

Chunk<----former USU guy (hated it)...now a Riddle (DE) dude

....and for all you Riddle haters out there, NO, I am NOT saying Riddle is better than anywhere else..blah blah blah (but it IS better than UVCC, I mean, UVSC.....
A good friend of mine is currently attending UVSC. The coursework is pretty easy. Sometimes I find it difficult to believe they are accredited. It doesn't compare to Riddle. (and those who know me know that I am not a Riddle advocate.)
He has had multiple problems with UVSC's incompetence. In fact, he is trying to graduate, but they currently don't even have the courses he needs to take available. They told him he went throught the program too fast, and that the courses he needs aren't complete yet. He referst to them as LRU. (low-rent University.)

Of course my .02 is don't low-ball your education. Go to a real school, and get a degree in business. A degree in Aviation gets you a job at Home Depot in the event of furlough/loss of medical.

Okay, you have all said how much this place sucks but only one person has given a specific example. What I am looking for is a school that is outrageously expensive IE Riddle and I can complete a bachelors in a relatively quick time. Your friend that they say cannot graduate what classes does he need that they say they don't have? Could he take them somewhere else? How long does it take would you say to get the degree if your starting with an ATP and 3000hours? Is there an amount of credits they give you to start with? Thanks.
The Bachelors Degree

It sounds like most of you are professional pilots and some are seeking a bachelors degree from an accredited school. Accreditation is the key word. Many schools claim accreditation but are not recognized by the six regionally accreditated Institutions that are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. So first of all, make sure the school you plan to get your degree from meets this criteria or you may be wasting your money.

As far as schools go, UVSC, ERAU, Thomas Edison College, and Excelsior College are all accredited. If you are not seeking flying lessons while pursuing a degree than any of them will work for getting your bachelors degree.

If cost is an issue, Excelsior College (www.excelsior.edu) offers very reasonable tuition but only accepts credits earned through other accredited schools, CLEP, GRE, DANTES (www.getcollegecredit.com), pilot licenses, etc.
If going to UVSC helps you earn "accredited" course credit to apply towards your degree at Excelsior or Thomas Edison, then do it!

Embry Ridle is expensive but maybe it is more user friendly, I don't know!

The bottom line is get a bachelors degree that is accredited so you can fill out that square on the employement application.
Bottom line. Go to community college and get core credits done. Instruct or get ratings while you do this. After two years go to a descent inexpensive state college and continue to instruct and build time and get ratings. When you get out of college you will have enough time to get a flying job and you won't have spent 60- 80,000 on an education . And unlike a riddle or und grad you will have a couple thousand hours and it is not the name of the school it is how much time that you have that gets you a job period. I went the other way and enjoyed riddle but it took a long time to play catch up to a couple of my friends who did it the other way
I am currently attending UVSC and I haven't had any real problems yet. My only compliant so far is I never get much of my e-mail questions answered. Although when I talk to a live counselor most of my questions get answered.

I have a question if anyone can answer. My CFII has expired, will I still get college credits for completing it years ago and instructing over 1000 hrs. I'm trying to get credits for my CFI's and my ME certificates. I still have the certificate and I'm pissed at myself for letting it expire. Thanks
I agree with dogg completely. In addition to being better prepared in case of furlough/loss of license/loss of medical, it really can be much quicker to forgo the aviation schools. I left Riddle after one (very expensive) semester, got a degree in polisci while I worked full time as an instructor, and got a regional job as soon as I graduated. Very few Riddle grads can say that. In fact, I was in Prescott this weekend and saw one of my old room mates who still does not have all of his ratings. (It's been 4 years!) In addition, I am on furlough now, and have a pretty decent job that I could not have gotten with an Aeronautical Science/Professional Aeronautics degree.

To answer you question about the classes he could not take, I don't know what specific classes they were. The dean of the school has agreed to set up some sort of independent study for him while they finish developing their curriculum. If you are looking to minimize the amount of effort you put into school, UVSC may work out for you. However, I would caution you against this line of thinking. While it is true that any accredited degree can get you into the cockpit, I believe in preparing for the worst. My degree is not in business, but if I had it to do over again, I think that's what I'd do. The business degree gets you as far in aviation as an aviation degree does, but an aviation degree is almost worthless outside of aviation.

(Shameless Plug follows) If you are interested in a convenient and fast business degree from a well-recognized institution, check out the University of Phoenix. They offer degrees totally online (although the tuition is expensive.) Also, be advised that these are accelerated courses that require a LOT of work. Being able to get this quality of education online is very convenient while you're working a full time job. (flight instruction) Their on-ground programs are also excellent, cheaper, but not as convenient.
How can your CFI-I expire but not your CFI? When I've renewed my CFI, my II and MEI are automatically are renewed, too.

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