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US Wholly-owned done for

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Dec 1, 2001
New CEO Dave Siegal has finally satated what we all feared.....wholly-owneds will not get any of the RJs to be flown at airways! He said we were given a chance to agree to LOA 81 and did not, which is an utter sham, and that we are not experienced at Jets!! What a crock! Was TSA, Mesa and Chat. experienced at jets before they got their first one? No! We were set up to fail by U from the beginning. Even had we agreed to the criminal LOA 81, U wanted major concessions in pay, and work rules! Including, dropping our defined retirement fund, furlough protection, and pay concessions on our current props. Since we have already been told that we are returning our aircrafts as the leases come due, I guess that means we are done for! Good luck everyone! Time to start over...again!
Man, that is horrible. Well, you will find me up in arms if the Federal Gov give US Air a single dime, or any loan guarantees. (with my tax dollars)

I encourage you to call your congressman/congresswoman and ask them the provisions for the aid or loans to the airlines... be sure to let them know that U group will not be preserving jobs nor meeting most of the requirements for receiving the alloted money.

A sad day my fellow pilots.
I don't fly 121 or even 135, I'm just a corporate piston geek. But I've been following this issue for a few weeks and while I generally believe the market decides who's gonna fly what and for how much ... this thing with USAir is the most god-awful sh!tty mess I ever seen. This really is some nasty stuff.

Best of luck to you guys ... especially 328Dude and Smoking Man. I hope for bigger and better things for all ya'll.

Minh Thong
Thats a good one, we all know how hard jets are to fly compared to DHC-8's.

Alot of good people are being sent out the door.

Good luck to us all.

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Question for Beavis

I want to see Siegals statement, where did you find that info?

Terminated Dash driver
Apparently Siegel made these statements at a roadshow in CLT. The WO's are just not qualified to fly RJ's. I'm sure our pilots wouldn't know what to do without a set of condition levers. If this goes down I hope every furloughed Airways pilot ends up at Mesa. I'd like to see them get a load of those work rules! What I don't understand is why U management wants to keep sending checks to contract carriers instead of building the valuation of their own airline. It seems like they are just helping to create a future competitor. Mesa is already the largest shareholder of U stock with about twenty percent.
Whatever more scare tatics

Mr. Siegel you don't scare me/us. We've been around the block more than once (look at our seniority list). They tried this in the sh1tbox to dash days and it didn't work then. Mr. Siegel I will get another job before I give up furlough protection and am not about to sell my soul for an RJ. I do favor giving back to the company but will not give everything with no agreement for anything in return. Also to all out there on the board remember nothing is signed so non of this mean anything.

Goodnight A$$hole
.....and I plan on seeing you in PHL later this month
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If that Siegel statement is true, and I have no reason to believe it's not, then He can take those RJ's and shove them right up the sacred mainline pilots @$$ further more in that event I hope Mesa with their 400 hour grizzled veterans take all the mailine jobs. And maybe if the mailine guys beg long enough they will get a preferential interview. In the end I'll be on the street but I know I never whored myself out for ANY job!! NO CONCESSIONS!!!
please dont take the bitch who wrecked one of our ERJ's in roanoke to be represenative of the pilots here. (mesa) She was a 2000 hour beech FO who couldnt get signed off for upgrade in the 1900, so she was screwing one of the sim instructors to pass the training in the erj. not likely to HAPPEN AGAIN
All you UASShair guys/gals are going to have a rough time getting home on an MEL'd jumpseat!

Maybe MESA will take you!


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