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US Airways new paint job!

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5 Star Senior Member
Nov 26, 2001
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SWA/FO said:
this should go along way in saving them:

[font=arial,helvetica][font=arial,helvetica]1. FIRST PICTURE OF THE NEW US AIRWAYS LIVERY: [/font][font=Arial,Helvetica]Total of 1 Documents [/font]
[font=arial,helvetica]( close large preview)


Wow, Red White and Blue. How original. Last time they repainted the planes the stock rose to $80 shortly thereafter.

No matter what the paint scheme is, I wish them them all best in the market.

There are a lot of good people at US Airways and at America West.
Better than the old one, better than most of them, but not as good as AWA, and not very exciting. The stylized flag should've been retired.
I prefer AWA's desert theme - I like the orange and green. It was nice to see an airplane without the color blue - very unusual these days. It's a sad day...........
I like AWA current paint job too...
The new scheme kind of reminds me of Braniff after their first trip through BK.
I don't think it'll look as good on the RJ's as the paint scheme they have now.
i thought the new scheme would be like a NASCAR stock car. after the ads on the tray tables, i figured they'd sell the whole outside. just change the name to Madison Avenue Airways.
Instead of the grey mountains like on current AWA planes, there's a sort of grey striped "swoosh" that starts behind the wing and ends up as diaganol lines on the tail. that's a nice touch. it'll have to do.

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