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United to call back 300 pilots in 2006

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Well-known member
Dec 23, 2004
This is great news!!

United to call back 300 pilots next year From the Crain's Chicago Business Newsroom October 11 16:29:00, 2005 By Julie Johnsson
United Airlines plans to rehire about 300 laid-off pilots during 2006, the airline told employees Tuesday.
The first group of 20 pilots will rejoin the Elk Grove Township-based carrier Jan. 9, with more to follow as United adjusts its fleet to get the most use of its aircraft and adds flights to current and new destinations.
“That’s great news,” says Steve Derebey, a Boeing 737 captain for United and a spokesman for the Air Line Pilots Association International, the union representing United’s 6,200 pilots. “The more the better and the sooner the better.”
United furloughed 2,172 pilots after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks sent the U.S. aviation industry into a tailspin. Furloughed pilots receive no pay or benefits from the airline but are eligible to regain their jobs, based on seniority, if United needs to increase staffing.
The nation’s second-largest carrier has brought back 234 pilots in 2005, says Mr. Derebey.
Weeeeee!!!..............Hold on!!!!~BARF!!!! (Kit)

On the real though:

Congrads and Good Luck to those that are headed back.
Last edited:
What will the DOH be for the most junior pilot on property when the 300 are all back?

ps - got a family friend whom I lost touch with. Name is Mike Sperry, he was apart of the last group to get furloughed, anyone know if he'll get the nod?
WhiteCloud said:
Kit Darby's predictions are correct! The hiring boom has begun!
Comair, Mesaba, Pinnacle, NWA, AA, and possibly even MESA are furloghing. Delta has over 500 pilots on furlough with no recalls. Usairways has 1900 furloughed and is probably furloughing more as they park more aircraft. United is a long way from hiring off the street. CAL is the only major hiring. I hardly call it a hiring boom.

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