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UAX De-ice Brake Drop Issue - Chicago

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ATR Pirate

Well-known member
Oct 27, 2006
Am I the only one outraged by how ridiculous it is that we don't get paid during the deice procedures at the gate? With the door closed, full of passengers? Do United Airlines pilots, or other UAX carriars have to follow the same procedures as SKYW? It has been explained to me that due to "contractual language" we aren't able to drop the brake in the CRJ and start getting paid. I am responsible for my aircraft and passengers if anything happens during this time, why no pay me? Its bad enough we don't get paid for the 15 mins before or after a flight when we work the hardest...but this is an insult.
yeah well when i drop my brake and get audited...you get in trouble...

Yeah contractual language between SKYW and UA..They don't want us to drop the brake until the aircraft is ready for movement. I usually ignore that in order to get the on time departure..and since our flights are always over-blocked. The morons who wait don't cost the company another penny, we just lose an on time departure when we drop the brake 1 minute late, and still arrive 20 minutes early and under block..retards...
Has anybody EVER been called in because they dropped the brake before they were ready to push?

Answer: NO

Not your problem. Drop the brake. Get paid.
So if you drop the brake at scheduled departure time, then get de-iced...you get audited/or get in trouble? I'm not sure I follow.
If you are on time, what is the time you call out at (since no ACARS), scheduled departure time or when you actually release the brake after getting de-iced?
No kidding, drop the brake. Better yet, pop the ACARS circuit breaker if you cant get around it another way.
Don't worry about any of this stuff.

we can be closed up, ready to push, but we, by the rules, are not allowed to drop the break until AFTER de-ice..we can't even get the on time departure, per the rules, in the winter time if we have to deice. I do know people who have been called in on it, but no one who has really got in trouble. What are they going to do, fire me for being on time? United is such a crap hole operation, i'm ashamed to say i have to work for it. But seriously, we are not supposed to drop the break until everything is done, including deice, and we are ready to taxi. That can leave us sitting in the airplane, full of peeps, for an hour or more waiting on the deice truck in Chicago. The deice teams have done a much better job in recent years, but it is still INSANE to think that we can't get paid for this time we are in command, and responsible.

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