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UAL Goes unlimited j/s

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V-Dub for Life
May 20, 2003
I had heard a few weeks back that UAL was going unlimited for the jumpseat. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I think that sept 28 was supposed to be the day (2 days ago) Thanks!
Yes UAL will now take unlimited jumpseaters - I believe that the priority is BP11a (bottom of the list, nothing new there). I have heard that you are no longer required to poke your head in the cockpit to ask but I would be extrememly reluctant to hitch a ride without asking first. Common courtesy seems to dictate that you would at least say hello and thanks.
I just jumpseated (jumpsat?) on UAL a couple weeks ago. They were great! I was required to take a jumpseat ticket stub up to the cockpit for the CPT to keep, so it appears that unless the j/s policy JUST changed, we are still required to visit the cockpit. Anyway, who wouldn't want to go up and say a big THANKS for the favor? That's just common courtesy.
Yep it's finally here...A couple things however...it seem a few of the DEN agents are not real happy about this..not at all. I walked up to ask if there was room and the agent said " sure, why dont you and all your ALPA buddies just fly the damn plane" at first I thought he was kidding but then a supervisor came over and told him to calm down..after checking me in he threw my badge back at me. Out of Sea no problem..the agent did say you dont have to check in with the crew but the other posts are exactly right..it's just not right to not say hi and thanks for the lift....anyway that my 2 cents..
A big thank you to all the United guys and gals. A the jumpseat chairman for Express Jet I let our pilots know about your new policy this week. I understand that we don't need to visit the cockpit if we get a seat assignment. I did ask however that when the situation permits that they at least thank the captain for the ride on his a/c.

Thanks again folks.
Question for all of you........as a commuter out of FLL, do you think they get a little tired of all the hello's? Seriously. I flew them the other day and there were 12 jumpseaters!!!! I wonder if we are disturbing them AND the boarding sometimes.
We don't mind a few "thanks for the ride guys" comments.

I am happy we got this done, and WE DON'T charge $25 bucks for the "extra Jumpseat rider"

Kudos to the ALPA Jumpseat guys (PAST-PRESENT) who got this done.

does not take long for some jackhole to try to start a fire. next time try rubbing sticks together it won't chafe (sp) you. forget about your own pleasure.

glad to see UAL is doing the unlimited.
Is this only ALPA pilots who get the unlimited, or any pilot with a company that has a recip agreement?
pipejockey said:
Is this only ALPA pilots who get the unlimited, or any pilot with a company that has a recip agreement?

How long have you been in this buisness?

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