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Transition from fighters only - getting harder?

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Aug 30, 2004
Seems like more and more Airlines require some form of multicrew time or their hour requirements are next to unobtainable if you only fly 150 hours/year which is not uncommen in the fighter world.
What are some good companies to build up multicrew hours fast and not go broke in the process? I have plenty of PIC and close to 3000 hours, but need 1000 hours of multicrew.
On-demand, breasfast of champions

Try on-demand, DA-20/LJ F/O, Old airplanes, wide range of training, lousy pay, no life. Have to live within a 10 minute drive of KYIP. But multi crew, multi engine. Experiences you will talk about the rest of your life. Don't worry as the 2012 hiring boom gains strength the airlines won't be so fussy and fighter pilots will again in every class.
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on-deamnd and good don't normally fit in to the same sentence
Go volunteer for an MC-12 tour. For only a 6 month hitch, a type rating, ATP, and 500 hours MTPIC, all courtesy of your Uncle Sam.
Are you AD or ANG/AFRES? I'm ANG, and the MC-12 gig required a separation form the ANG to volunteer. Another option for ANG guys is to fly RC-26's for the 745th SOS out of Hurlburt (http://www.guardreservejobs.com/viewprofile.php?sel=profile&id_vac=504).

IMHO, it's much better to get mil pay and rack up Title 10, while logging good PIC Multi time than it is to go to some random freight operation.

PM me if you need any POC's.
I am with the Danish Air Force, but married to an american so Green Card is not an issue.
The mentioned jobs sounds interesting, but I think there a a few caveats with me flying for the Guard. I think it can be done, but I think they want you to eventually become citizen. Right now I loose my Danish Citizenship if I apply for a US one and I would loose some of my benefits if I do so. Hopefully they will change the rules so I can have dual citizenship.
Without a US Citizenship there are a lot of DOD Security clearences that are impossible for me to hold.
The tours I know of are 6 months, but they might offer a year. I'm not sure how you could fly for the USAF unless you did an exchange, then they'd probably keep you in the Viper.

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