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To the Pinnacle FO who wears no belt, and sags his uniform pants....

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My guess, he broke it trying to hang himself in the shower at the motel 6. He found out his CA was banging the cute male FA behind his back.
Innit hahd to see dem real peeplez rollin all up in yo concorses? Y'all needs tah stehp backs and reeelize! Fo realz!
Here is a no sh!tter. A while back we had multiple layovers in DFW. Each week we rode the van to the airport with the same ASA crew. We were always friendly to each other and swapped gossip. Then....the last trip of the month, we rode with the same crew and when I got to the plane and got my flight bag squared away I found a surprise. An ASA pilot put a note in my flight case saying my pants were too long and I had a poor appearance. Imagine my rage.. Some dip-sh!t had the nerve to go into my stuff! He could have put anything in there and I would have been busted going through security. So I went to the gate agent and demanded the phone number of any DFW ASA chief pilot which they gave me. I called him and explained what happened and he said he would look into it. When I got to my next destination I had a message from him and I called him back and he said he found the pilot. He said he confessed to it and that he would never do something so stupid again. Sorry if my spelling is poor I am typing this on my phone. But this really happened in DFW before the base closed. Ask around I am sure someone remembers this little story. This d-bag could have easily said something to me but he chose to go digging into my flight case so I called his boss and I hope to God he chewed his butt out.
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