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The "Regionals" board cracks me up-HA!

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What's it doing now?
Feb 24, 2004
It's really funny to go over there and listen to the AWAC guys wine about the CHQ guys, who wine about the Comair guys, who can't stand the Skywest guys, who don't like the ASA guys--and all of them gang up on the Mesa guys, etc, etc.

It really cracks me up to listen to all of them calling each other scabs, and how they bring the industry down; and how the pilot pay is so low because one group is willing to fly RJs for $18/hr, vs. $20/hour-and the list goes on...
And all this from guys, who (for the most part) have a thousand hours or so total.

Am I missing something???

Although the Hottest Flightattendant thread was great.

I guess I'm just really bored right now.

Anyway, DISCUSS!
Regional Board


You're right. It is funny at times, but sometimes it really is boring. So much "Flamebait" is tossed around. When a legit question arises, most give BS answers instead of helping a fellow pilot or pilot "wannabe". I know most are just bored guys surfing the net and post funny crap, but some questions are serious and need to be take so. A great wealth of knowledge is out there and a super "network" can be formed. Good luck to all.
I think you're full of Sh#t! A lot of guys here have far more time and experience than you assume.
Completely agree! I feel like im reading the tabloids in the grocery store checkout line. I know the info is absurd, but for some reason I cant stand to turn away.

I'm sure people don't update their flight time info every time they log on.

My point is this:

There are guys who work for one regional (irrelevant which one) making $20K/year calling guys whores, scabs, etc. who work for another regional for say $18K/year.

And then another kicker is when these (accuser) guys doing the condemning are still wearing diapers.
I don't care if they have 2000 hours now, when they started with their 250 or 500 hours total-tell me, how much experience, or how wet are their feet to be calling other regional guys scabs?!

This is like a hooker lecturing a thief on the ten commandments!

ACT700 said:
This is like a hooker lecturing a thief on the ten commandments!

Well said!! I'm at the stage of my career where I can go either way(Freight vs. Regional) and all the whining and complaining is making me lean towards freight!!
Thats why I like the corporate board. No real bickering just allot of good BBQ suggestions.

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