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The NY Apprch Letters -FAA suspiciously fires 11 controllers during a staffing crisis

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Apr 24, 2005
Thought I would post this to see what ya'll think.


The FAA is attempting to fire 11 controllers from one of the best and safest approach facilities in the world for 'lying' on their medicals. The linked letter was delivered to someone 15 months from retirement.

The story goes they took a few days off in 2001 following incidents (crashes, deals). This is common, it is hard to recover from the first (or any) airplane that crashes on your sector. When they returned to work, the FAAs Medical Examiner recleared them to work traffic.

Subsequently, when they filled out the information on their next medical, they didn't think to check some box or another. The FAA already knew.

YEARS after the fact, the FAA is firing them for not disclosing this.

These are the people in charge of the people in charge of your safety.
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it requires a password and login...can you copy/paste?

Just because they gave it a name - - Acute Stress Disorder.

If I had been in their shoes, I would have been careful accomplishing the form, but I would never have considered my "time off" to be a mental disorder. I would have answered "No" as well.

Ridiculous, but, sadly, typical of our Federal Government.


must be using form as a means to get rid of some people they have an issue with. seems pretty trivial.
semperfido said:
must be using form as a means to get rid of some people they have an issue with. seems pretty trivial.

Its the timeline that makes it so obvious. These folks filed out the med forms in 01, 02, 03, and 04. All of the sudden its a BFD. In the middle of contract negotiations....
Good luck to them and NATCA. You guys deserve every penny of whatever you get.
Guys... there is a lot happening on the other side of the frequencies every one of you speak on. These firings are just the beginning, the FAA who claims poverty hired an outside union busting specialist to handle all matters to do with Natca and the contract negotiation. They also hired a law firm specializing in labor law to look over every line of the current contract and weasel out of any agrement they can. Controllers are being harassed for using sick leave, having vacation denied, the FAA is pulling radar tapes and poring over them looking for any instance to hang a controller. Things are bad and getting worse.

On a side note... that letter posted was issued to a controller who is 15 months from retirement.
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