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Thank you Express Jet (Jetlink)

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Come On?
Aug 22, 2007
I just wanted to take a a second to vent and send out a big FOFF to the Jetlink crew that decided to use all 11,000ft of runway at GSP to land in their E-145. You made us do a go around. Now this wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't know that you heard us ask Approach if we could speed up a little because we were late. Thanks for your blatant disreguard for the guy behind you and for your lack of airmanship. 11,000ft.? Really? for an E-145? Really? Thanks.
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WAAHHHH!!! oh sweet on time points!! what do you get a cookie if you're under block?
Old farts at USair eat up runway all the time at LGA while they whip out their glasses to find a taxi way off the runway.
Pay isn't the issue but hell if I'm ready to get to the hotel then don't keep me waiting. Especially if there is 11,000ft. of pavement.
Do you really think they are going to read this?
You're welcome.

Was not me though.
Yea. I know how you feel.

FWIW, I made it off at E landing on 4 today. You gotta mess up pretty bad to miss G.

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