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I sit with them in HOU every day, i will ask them and let you know.

I talked with one of thier guys today and here is what i gathered from him.

Pay is ~$75 per day, no matter what trip you pull.
MX is pretty good
Their mins are 135 IFR mins, however, like everywhere else, you can expect a little higher right now
Safety seems to be fair, with some guys saying that they have no problem cancelling flights due to WX, but others saying they get pushed to do it no matter what. I can understand the pushing because they only have a few runs, so everyone keeps them alive, but i don't like the idea of them pushing a pilot into a situation that can be harmful.
Hope some of that helps, and if you need more let me know, i can always ask them.
pushin pilots

TEX-STAR does not push pilots. The 121 Pilots on furlough
still think they are flying passengers and not 135 freight.
yeah that sounds like a 121 pilot thing...

that's all i ever hear going into HOU is "we are going to need to deviate around this little buildup." Who are they kidding those wimps, i fly straight through them and can still read the paper and not spill my beer. Guess that means us freight guys are just that much more talented huh.
spill what?

aaahhhh, young starchkr........but can you make the indefinitely difficult balance between the bowl of Picante on your right leg, Tostidos on the left, and not spew Dr. Pepper ( I don't like alcohol much) when your laughing hysterically at their "little buildups" comment? Then you have arrived.........!
Freighters rule!! Tell them I said "Howdy" in Texas, I miss it bad.
build ups

What is the deal with these guys taking 15 degrees for
"build ups" ? I wounder what kind of background they have.
I understand that you want to give your passengers the best experience they have ever had, but sometimes it sounds more
like anxiousness guys without any wx knownledge. Leaving KDAL, today, an American Eagle was asking to deviate for weather on the Finger3. "What weather ?", went through my mind. Sure the visibility was 5 or less with one or two puffy clouds
but give me a break.
Is Tex-Star the same op. based in Denton that had Metros at one time? I went to College in Denton and had some classes with a guy that flew Metros for an op. that I thought was Tex-Star. May be wrong. Just wondering though. That was about 2 yrs. ago
I believe your talking about North Texas Air & Freight or National Express. Those companies, previously owned by Jim Huff, had two metroliners. Mark Huff is leasing 6 402C's from Jim Huff and has made his own 135 cargo company, TEX-STAR.


Is that the whole operation? 6 402s? Just curious, I woulldn't mind coming back to Texas to fly if I EVER get some multi-time. Sounds like limited possibilities though. Any chance of growth? Other planes? I just thought they were a little bigger. The last time I was at Denton it looked like about 15 or so 402s

Thanks, Jeff

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