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SWAPA "recommends REJECTION"

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5 Star Senior Member
Nov 26, 2001
It looks like after further review, the BOD recommends REJECTION

"Resolution/Motion: WHEREAS, upon further review and analysis of the
Interim Contract Side Letter, BE IT RESOLVED that the SWAPA Board of
Directors recommends REJECTION of the Interim Contract Offer."

This should be interesting....
No worries mate.....

Talked to my SWA bud tonight. He tells me they've conducted a small informal poll recently and it passed by a nice margin, 70-30 (ish).

No hanging chads goin on here!:D :D :D
don't worry, be happy mon!

Since rumors are what this is "mostly" about...

My SWA f/o bud told me... that a recent "informal" poll showed about 50/50 on the vote, with many votes apparently holding out until the final days.... Hmmmmm.

All things being as they are ("U" going Ch.11,who knows - UAL next???? DAL and AMR are studying a "re-think" on how to run their companies...) I have to restate just how FREEKIN' happy I am to have a place in this pool.

While I am trying to remain optimistic, I believe that we could see a rather rapid shot of dryness in our (not to distant) futures.

Why, do you ask?

SWA has been (once again) V E R Y conservative since 9/11. Expansion has been slowed to a mere trickle. Taking time to re-group, look at the competition and evaluate what the next move is going to be sounds like "Classic" SWA management to this floater.

For those who know - smells like 1991-1994 all over again. Recession, war, furloughs, gloom & doom, labor issues, Whoa is us!!

Yet SWA, with a very unconventional management team & style, developed a growth strategy that made the company larger & stronger when the recession ended. To the company's defense, when the rest of the world was going crazy and the economy was ROARING from 1994-1999, SWA kept a modest cap on growth and bankrolled a TON of cash. That cash is what is keeping this airline from taking a welfare check from Uncle Sam today! (Read;Conservative = good)

Personally, I think those of us who are lucky enough to be wet are in a FANTASTIC position!!! T H I N K about it... where else would you rather be in today's environment!?!?!?

The freightdogs are doing well, good for them. It's just not for me, doing all of that vampire hours flying.

As far as the "other" people hauling airlines.... I just don't see much positive news out there. One exception - JBLU. However, 28 A320s does not constitute much of a threat, yet. Competition is a very good thing, it keeps everyone on their toes!

SO - enough of my opinions... thanks for reading. I am sure that I will "enjoy" some of your responses... I always do!

Have a great day! Tredding
Coop Dog,

Votes may be changed at anytime. Voting is done on the Internet and your last vote is the only one that counts. So 21% of the 70% you mention may still change their votes by the 19th.
maybe votes will change, but.....

Hi dhampton,

Maybe votes will change, and your point is completely valid, and may very well be the case. We'll just have to wait and see.

The only point I was trying to make was that an informal poll showed a good reason to believe that it might pass. It's only a poll, but frankly, I don't put a lot of stock in them anyway.

As far as changing the votes, I tend to believe that more no's will become yes's if they do get changed. Just my opinion though. Seeing more buddies hitting the streets and watching their career's get flushed down the toilet tends to have a big effect on one's own personal career mindset. Mine was flushed about 9 months ago, but somehow, thankfully, I surfaced here in this SWA pool. After Sunday's big announcement by U and today's by AA, I just think saying no to this offer has got to make a nay sayer think long and hard. (Again, just MY opinion here).

Oh, and by the way, I sure hope you weren't a math major. Just kidding. I know what you meant to say though. Take care.
Let me say this, the ones against are a vocal minority. Some people tend to lose sight of the fact that the industry sucks and Industry average pay that we are going for is declining by the day. Hell if we reject this, than in 06 we wil probably be close if not leading pay and not a leg to stand on for greater raises. PEOPLE SEEM TO FORGET WHERE THEY CAME FROM AND THE FACT THAT THEY KNEW WHAT THE CURRENT PAY RATE IS.
I don't know who SWA uses for the polling, but many airlines use the services of the Wilson Polling Center.. They have an unbelievable record of predicting which way these votes are going to go.. If it is Wilson, and they say it is going to pass, I'd be shocked if it doesn't... Like everyone else, just happy to be part of this pool..

Hey SB,

I know this is kinda like tellin ya that you have a booger hanging out your nose, but you might want to check some of your spelling there on your profile. Seriously, I'm not pickin' on ya, just trien to helpout.

I'd give just about anything to be where you are Bake.... (#1) but I really hope you are renting a 172 or something to stay current while working as an English teacher.....

No boogers here either... or is that iether????:D

Have a great day!! Tredding

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