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SWA pilots going to vote down the TA

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Yeah right! My guess is it will pass at 65 to 70%. just because 345 put down a "no" doesn't mean squat. Believe me, I think we need to vote it down, and vote it down big. But I still think it will pass.
I will vote "no" and try my best to help educate others into voting the same. It feels like we have a chance of voting it down but I'll believe it when I witness it! :laugh:

what is so bad about the TA?
what is so bad about the TA?

Being one who has not made up my mind I would like to know specifically what you would change in the TA. Be realistic because code share is going to be in there. The deal has been done with two carriers and will not be changed. You know as well as I the only recourse we have is a strike and that will never happen. SWAPA will never even take a strike vote because the results would be disastrous for the pilots and only serve to embolden the company (IMO). I for one don't see much if any improvement once a mediator gets involved and that’s where it is going when/if it is voted down. I wish I could be more optimistic because this group is going to be very disappointed for the next 3 years with this deal whether slight changes are made or not. Welcome to a mature stagnant airline. 13 year upgrades and much less flexibility with your schedule.
Just because the TA gets voted down (1) does not mean the only recourse is a strike and (2) it does not mean a mediator gets involved.

If this was voted down it would be the first time the SWA pilot group has done so. Other unionized groups at swa have. It WOULD send a message to the company that SWA pilots are already THE most productive of the major airlines and the changes management wanted with regard to the Line Improvement Trip Trade system and Lance Captain program are not acceptable.

it's no one thing....its death of a TA by a thousand paper cuts.

Do not look for answers here. Go on SWAPA or PPrune and there are plenty of reasons to vote this down. Reserve policy, ELITT changes, Canceled flight no pay, Open Time changes...on and on...Go read what people have found don't be lazy and look here...read it for yourself. Your right I feel the codeshare is here to stay but we need to protect ourselves from the unkown when the company meets those numbers in the contract with regards to the limits imposed.
Without going into details here and assuming near international codeshare is here to stay, we can't accept this concessionary contract. A 2% raise or possibly 7-9% raise for senior FO's does not make up for an up to 30% pay cut for many due to schedule, work rules, and flexibility changes. While I don't advocate for those who scam the system at everybody's expense, the company has taken mucho dinero in this TA with little in return. Please read the actual TA before you vote! You'll be floored by the details!

It's OK to vote "No"!
If you are on the fence then you have not read the TA yet. It gives so many concessions in so many areas in scheduling, it is almost impossible to digest them all. The executive summary is a joke and does not tell the story. In short, it gives away the flexibility and time and a half flying that we have now, but gets next to nothing in return. All groups get a 401K increase and every other SWA labor group got 3% or better per year raises. We will not even get one for 2010 OR 2011 unless we double our operating margin (hint: not gonna happen). It really is OK to say no...the world will not end. Remember...we HAVE a great contract now AND we are making money. There is no reason to give everything away here.

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