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SWA - No classes yet

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Well-known member
Jan 11, 2002
Just got a call from Lindsey, informing me that there are no signs of any new classes this year. She also informed me that I will make the 4th or 5th class once they begin again. I am currently 42 in our list. At least that's one whole class more optimistic than Jennifer. :)

Am now working in a call center (awful job ) and can see the SWA 737s flying out of my local airport. I wish the expected expansion would happen soon!

I had dinner with a SWA FO friend of mine and he said there is a september class... I think everyone is waiting for the vote that closes at 1500 hours today... Patience is what we need when what we really want is control...

Remember When...

They also told us back in April "NO SUMMER SCHOOL" and then they ended up having a July 15th class. Last I spoke to LL a few weeks ago she told me they were just waiting for flight ops to decide whether and when to run more classes. PD projections based on their speculation im sure are, nothing for the rest of the year, but remember there the last to know from Training. Didn't another post say something about a bunch of SWA instructors asking for time off in Sept and Training denied them the time off, well go figure. It's coming, I feel it in my bones.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...
From the training center at the end of last week...

- the instructor confirmed that the *current* word was "no classes for the rest of the year," but I don't think anybody in the room thought that that would be the final word. But at the moment the schedule for newhire classes is blank. However...

- the instructor ranks are still being expanded, from 34 in the recent past (don't have a date on that) to about 60 now, to 90 in the near future (again, don't have a hard date). Part of that will be to support the 9-month training cycle, but...

- the newest sim is up and mostly running, with another to follow shortly, making for 3 -300 sims and 3 -700 sims. I was supposed to have the new -700 sim for my checkride Saturday, but that was changed to one of the -300 sims; apparently the new box still needs some tweaking.

- the 9 month training cycle: presently, captains come in every 6 months for a day of academics, then a sim ride, alternating between a proficiency check (a PC) and a proficiency training (a PT) sim. PC's are run by check airmen (i.e. line pilots), while PT's are run by training center instructors (i.e. NOT line pilots). F/O's have one event each year, consisting of the day of academics followed by either a PC or a PT (alternating annually). New cycle will be, every 9 months, you come in for two days of academics, followed by a PT, followed by either a PC or a LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training -- simulate an actual point A to point B flight, rather than 20 approaches & repeated dial-a-disaster). New system, F/O's get 2 sim periods every 9 months, vice 1 every 12; captains get 2 every 9 months vice 2 every 12.

Or at least that is the current state of the plan, which may still change form before going final.

Latest rumor is that the contract proposal passed, but I can NOT find the supposed web site that confirms that. But I've heard rumors of some VERY knowledgable people that it's gonna pass (even tho they'd hoped it wouldn't). When the official word comes out, I'm sure it'll show up here shortly.

Best of luck to all the swimmers!


A little insight....

For those of you thinking your several classes away....I've been told that some of our members have gone to other carriers who are in the SWA pool and haven't signed up on our list. They have probably kept this quiet to protect themselves during their probationary period with their employers and don't want anyone to know. These people may not take the SWA offer. Keep this in mind when your told you are 3, 4, 5 or 6 classes out. You may not be that many classes away when the calls start up again.

Just my thoughts....

He's Right...

The average poolie made it into the class just prior to their official SWA projection, so clear your schedule...

Just for all to know, for what it is worth....

Went in to PHX PD yesterday to do the fingerprints. Easy task, in and out in 10 minutes!

WHen I asked LL what she thought I should wear.... "shorts, a tee shirt & flip flops should work, it's hot in PHX...".

SO, as instructed I wore the required PHX uniform!! Have to admit I felt I should have been in a suit, but it sure was more comfortable in shorts!!:D

Now that ALL of my blocks are filled.... bring ON the class DATES!!!!!!

Have a great day all - Tredding
Hey Tredding,
when did you get the call?
Im about 20 ahead on the list but have not recieved the fingerprint call.
Last I saw they stopped around 40-something.
Just wondering ..........

Well, I called LL to update some of my personal data... while we were chatting, I mentioned that since I live in PHX... so, when the time came for having my fingerprints done... could I have it done here??

SHe said that they are open for walk-ins every Wednesday and if I had the time just go on over and have them done now!! So I did.... no real "news" here I am sorry to say - just happened to be available to get it done, that's all!!
Made my monthly call to Lindsey late last week and she said we could probably expect a couple more classes by the end of this year, but it will probably be next year for me. I'm currently # 82 on today's updated list (August 25, 2002), which I just sent in to Mark.

Hope to see the remaining poolies sign up as we wait this slump out.

Thanks to everyone who's helped in getting the info sent in!


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