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SWA July 15th Class

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Still Lucky as Hell
Apr 6, 2002
Well my math skills aren't that great but I do know that July 15th is screaming this way!!! I was hoping to read some good news about all the people who have been called to exit the pool!!

Anyways Good Luck everybody!!! And let the flood gates open!!

Phone calls coming?

I was just checking out the MDW base web-site and noticed that the MDW CP office schedule shows all 4 guys in Dallas from today through thursday. Hopefully they'll be making some of those phone calls today.

btw, the BWI base has a web site too. Both are very good with some excellent links about SWA info, merchandise, crash pads, hotels, etc....

They are: http://www.mdwpilotbase.com
and: http://www.bwipilotbase.com

More base web-sites are on the way in the coming months.
Any news about interviews in the future


Sorry to bug ya'll. Since your were talking about new classes, I was wondering if there is any word about interviews this summer. I just got hired by a guard unit and am moving in Oct. I'm trying to get my life organized with a possible timeline. I'd sure appreciate any info. Take care, BN:cool:
MLBWingborn ( Mike, I probably screwed up your title so sorry in advance) is the bearer of all Good SWA news. He'll get you the latest.

I have a few pals at SWA that have been calling me weekly with the unofficial news. Rumor has it that there is going to be a July 15th class then two a month through November. Then 1 in December. (I talked to JB last Friday and she would only confirm the July 15th class with the possibility of more later in the year) I think that the pool is around 250-300 but Mike will probably know better. 10 Classes at 20 per class doesn't leave very many poolies. So... If all these really good rumors hold true (And...I really Like the good Rumors!!!) they probably be interviewing again at the end of the year sometime.

Anyways, I hope this helps and Great Luck!!!


Jennifer returned my monthly call friday and said pretty much the same about one confirmed class in July with maybe others to follow.

I sure would like to see a bunch of our poolies on the list get a class date added to that empty column. Anyone getting a call, please let us know!!

Also, anyone under stop/loss should let us know if your "now" available for class. Got email from half a dozen or so that have been released....anyone else?
Isn't the typical SWA warning period about three weeks before class??? I was hoping to see some very anxious/happy pool exiters drying off their typing hands and sharing some good news with the rest of us bottom feeders.

Anyways.... Hope we all get to dry off soon.... I can't wait to get to big D!!!


I think if you listen carefully you can hear a pin drop... or at least a mouse pi$$ing on a ball of cotton!

It sure is quiet out there. :(

Advance Notice


I spoke with J. B. this past Friday for my monthly update and got the same words...only one confirmed class on July 15th with the possibility of another class later in the year. Also, a chief pilot will make the official call to offer a class date two to three weeks prior. She also said not to count on a class until the beginning of 2003. Take care and fly safe.

Well that was a depressing post Sentry!!! Not your fault of course, just reporting on what you heard. To counter that, I spoke with JB on Friday too (I'm 42 in the list last time I looked) and she was alot more upbeat. Yes, the only class confirmed is July 15th but "things may start happening soon". Well, I supose geographically speaking 2003 is soon, but from all the other rumors circulating I believe there is a serious chance of classes prior to next year. And I'm holding onto that hope with a rugged and rather child-like determination.

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