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SWA February Interviews Decision Board

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Does anyone know the decision board date for the February interviewees? We were told 6-8 weeks and the January folks had the date of February 20th and the calls were made 2 days later. It seems like things are moving rather fast!

Based on the January interviews it seems to me there might be a board in early March. Any thoughts?

Thanks, and good luck to all!

I saw some dates on a previous post. Sorry I don't remember what they were.

Try doing a search on SWA for the past week.

Good Luck

Hey, not having a life, I did the search for you. Found this from "Rrtseatrich" from 02/21/02:

I inteviewed on Monday 2/18
They told my group 6 - 8 weeks for a final decision.
And that our info would go to either a 3/13 or 3/26 DB.
But there was going to be 2 DB's in March.
They weren't sure which DB would review our info.

Good luck to all

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Those dates are accurate. Spoke to chief pilot this past week. There will be 2 in March & subsequent months to cut down waiting time. Selection rate was around 33% of those who interviewed. Word will be out within 7-10 working days of the board on your results. Standard, phone call good, letter bad. For those who don't make it pls don't give up. 2 years from previous app is the requirement for resubmitting. A long time but there are many folks who are picked up the 2nd or 3rd time around. For those awaiting the word my prayers are with you.

February Interviews

Thanks for taking the time to do the research! I would guess that since my interview was on the 4th, my DB would be on March 13th.

Good luck to all!

Is there any input as to the preference given to military guys?

My waiting, all civilian pilot, (1/15 interview) is on his second try. The first time, he got a follow up letter waiving the two year wait and saying he could try in one. All the guys he talked to said they were full of military pilots and they get first try, but was TOLD everyone who got a letter and re-applied was hired. He was exhausted and working...at the time which was years later... so he let it go, but he mentioned it this time.
Do you personally KNOW people who have LIVED through a third try?
The first time a long time ago, the class was full of military kids. All fresh faced and history free. Now, years down the road and a lot of job struggles, he may not be as pretty as he looked then. I doubt if he could get another letter and try for a third go.

Just done biting fingernails and chewing on my wrist for him
3rd Try

My Interview on the 4th was my 3rd try in 8 years. I am all civilian time. hopefully 3 times is the charm!
Three times

Hey Flyboysgal,

I know a great guy who finally made it on his third try with SWA.


I got the call on Friday.
oh no!!!

You mean I may have to do this AGAIN!!!!????
You are cheering me up.
...not him, it would be the end of the world for him, for now....
but we have been there before.
I guess THIS situation, in THIS world and wanting so much to fly for THIS airline is just more of the pressure everyone is going through.
Sure would be fun to be teenagers looking forward to all this instead of grownups. It looks so much more fun in front of you.
Well, at least this chapter should be winding down around Wednesday....
Thanks again,
SWA 3rd time

I got a 737 rating in 1996...had interview, didn't make it..:confused: don't know why they didn't hire me...then in 1998 had another interview..:confused: don't know why they didn't hire me. Received a letter last month...said they would call me for another interview in the future.:) So I am still trying...unfortunately age is not on my side....I felt that age and only having a two year degree instead of a four year degree was my only deterent at that time. Who knows?
Just a guess ...

I have seen lots of older guys get hired by SWA. But I don't know of anybody without a 4 year degree. There probably are some, but I bet you hurt your chances.

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