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SWA DB Results

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Dec 9, 2001
Am I just stupid or stubborn (or both)?

Anyone know whats going on--has JM made all the calls she's going to make? If I haven't received a call from SWA yet, should I assume I'm toast?

Interview Jan 14th

Any insight on what may be going on (if anything)?

Not that I'm on edge or anything ...

DB results

Several things could have happened. One, you might have been slid to a later DB. (That happened to me). Two, JM is a very busy lady and might no have had a chance to call you. (Also, happened to me.)

If you feel that you did well and you had good references than maybe you should wait another day or so and then give her a call. Thats what I did. Most of my buddies heard and I hadnt. I waited about 3 days then called and she told me congrats. The funnny thing is that she called me the next day to tell me congrats(she forgot that we talked to previous day.). That is all quite understandable considering the amount of different things going on there.

I also had a buddy that waited a month after DB, practically going insane, just to call them and find out they forgot about him and he passed.

I wish you the best, hope that phone rings soon!

The dreaded letter


I got my answer--the mailman just delivered the bad news.

Good luck to the rest of you.

Sorry to hear dude!

I dont know you from squat, but am bummed you didnt get the thumbs up. I have had several buds get it on the second try so do give up! Good luck.
Thanks for posting, alex

Sounds like the group here is a good predictor. Did someone not say Wednesday was bad news in the mail day?
I am only the lowly home base for my fly guy, but later today, when he goes out, I think you two will not be the only ones...
We will be chosing STUPID AND STUBBORN right up to the click of the key in the box, but keep the spirits up.
Like they all have said, you were good enough, or they wouldn't have called you. It is a case of supply and demand, not skills, ability or desire.
Perhaps a class on voodoo or magic BEFORE the next round of applications would be in order, to influence the gods of the DB!
Maybe in two years (or is that 18 months... I hear things change) we will be sweating it again together!
hang in!
Feb 20th RB

According to one of the Chief Pilots, everyone was reviewed. It was a big question because there were so many this time around. We should all get answers one way or the other.

Take Care and don't fear the mailman.

Love N Luck

I'm not trying to add insult to injury but the boys at Base X are trying to decide whether or not to pay the bucks for a 737 type rating.

I told them all to put in their apps right now to get the clock ticking, but it was up to them to decide if they wanted to get the type before the interview.

Can anyone share some insight as to how many interviews in the past few months were hired without 737 type ratings and how many were not hired without type rating. And How many had types but were not hired.

I am really sorry to ask these questions but Base X crowd is trying to find out what helps and what doesn't matter in an effort to learn from those who have been there done that.
just a guess...

I would say, military should save the cash. If someone with a better mind for statistics could figure out the pool, how many civ. pilots make it without?
Civillian, in this market, this airline, you are stacking the deck in your favor by having one.
(worth a shade less than $.02)
get the type ...

I am exmilitary and I got hired withour the type, but, condsider getting it no matter who you are and this is why:
- you will interview sooner with the type
- your "pool date" will be determined by your interview date

I estimate these two factors will cause you to be on propert at least 3 months sooner if you get the type. 3 months times 3 grand a month = 9 grand.

So no matter what you are gambling about 9 grand - the question is, are you going to bet on or against yourself? I didn't get the type and instead of starting in January (check when early September poolies went to DAL) I am hopping for late April.

I don't think the type will get you hired, I don't think it will cover a bad work history or a poor interview, but I do think it goes along with a mindset that SWA likes.

That being said, there are a lot of things I'd spend my money on first (good suit, interview prep etc).

Best of luck to all hopefulls

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