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SWA class date and size July/August..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hey guys and gals..

Once again back from the trenches..

The "official" word about class size and dates are as follows..

Right this minute there will be a class of 20 new hires plus 3 interns for a total of 23 starting on the 18th of July..

A class in the early part of August is being considered..

There will be a class of 20 new hires starting on August 29..

I keep hearing about a July 15th class date but they dont start classes on a Monday..I suspect that date is incorrect and since the 18th falls on a Thursday...which is the normal starting day of past classes..its more likely going to be on the 18th..

I should have more info about August and September classes in the next couple of weeks..

If all of this is going to pass you should be getting the calls about three weeks out from the class date..This can sometimes be proceded by calls checking on availiblity then followed by the call from a CP..

The rumor mill is running hot and heavy with stuff about the pool being drained and increases of the flight schedule..

So grab your rubber ducky and hang on...I think i hear a loud sucking sound of the plug being pulled..

You guys are outta there!!!!

:D :D
Yeah, well...

"qxeplt" stole my rubber ducky, dammi+!!!

I don't know 'bout y'all, but I am sunburned to a crisp, pruned beyond belief, and my hair is green (I think someone else said he had the same problem)!!!! This will have been a long time coming. I cannot wait to get out, dry off, head to Dallas and enjoy some tasty adult beverages served in ice-cold pitchers with my fellow poolies.:D

Let's hope for more good news... the money's on the pass line fellas, let's see how this roll goes! Mike, thanks for keeping us informed.


"Hands high, dice are out!"
New classes...

Hey Mike, thanks for the info. Just to let you know, trng sched. is building the July sched. around a July 15th class. The -200 training has been dropped, and a couple of extra other days of training have been added, as a result, classes can start on Monday now, giving new hires the weekends off. Yes, I was surprised too. I haven't heard anything past July but you're probably right...
...#s question

Assuming all goes well this summer, and the pool depth goes down...

What was the normal pool size/wait for a class date when things were going along at a "normal" pace? Just curious, as I have a separation date early next year...

Thanks in advance for the info...


My info is pretty fresh, but it wouldnt surprise me to hear that they had changed start days..

I had wondered about the changes the dropping of the -200 would have on the length of ground school..Any input in that?

With a "full" pool, and "continous" training in progress, the wait, from the date you entered the pool (later of type rating/interview date) was 7 classes, in almost every case; i.e. you'll be in the 7th class after you enter the pool.

It might vary by one class either way, and I did see a couple of guys who did not fit that pattern, without ever discovering why they didn't. Stop-loss has an effect too. If you "miss" your class, you stay at the top of the list, and you'll go pretty much the first chance after that you're available, which has a domino effect on the guys behind you. So if a bunch of stop-loss guys become available right before "your" class, you can end up slipping.

In the Feb '02 time frame, there were about one class's worth of stop-loss guys in the pool...

Hey RightBettor,

I didn't see your name on it, go get your own duck. Better yet go get that hair ball out of the pool drain...
My 2 cents worth,

Talked with Jennifer today. She indicated they had received my updated info package and my background checks were progressing. She also said, barring anything unusual, I should be in the July 15th class. My former employer, USAF, did get a call this week verifying my previous employment.

Though Jennifer wouldn't commit to a class date, she did tell me to head off this week and get the drug test done again. My background information is over one year old since it was last checked. My drug test was completed last August for those counting.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the speeding ticket I got over the memorial day weekend won't be the end of my SWA career. Other than that, nothing has changed in my background. Looking forward to drying off and starting class on the 15th.

BTW, Jennifer specifically mentioned the 15th and not the 18th.

Things are looking brighter every day
More info

I spoke to asst chief pilot on Monday. To confirm Mike's news, yes the new class starts on a Monday, 15 July. Just a one time thing. Reasons for the change aren't important.

Next confirmed class is 29 Aug with 20 new pilots (+ a couple of new ground instructors) in it. Whether there will be more is anyone's guess but the possibility exists based upon how the growth is going. Pay close attention to the mid-July 2nd qtrly report....I expect the numbers to be good but the YIELD number will be very important.

More indications that more hiring is expected....new Capt classes scheduled beginning in July & one each month (avg about 15 folks in each class) until Dec. This bodes well since to have more Capts one expects to have more FOs.

If I hear anything else I'll pass it on.
Just my two cents worth....from my sources the new sim(#5) is almost up and running and the plumming for #6 is in the ground. The sims are running behind schedule and might be the reason for training to be bottle- necked, new hire training to be delayed, ect,ect. The rule of thumb in the training dept. is 1000 pilots per sim. Lets see...4100+ pilots now, ground instuctors still being hired, 6 sims by year end...I think we had better paddle away from that little spinning action in the water next to the drain.
See ya all in Dallas, DC8MAC

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