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Support Glenn Duffy... Say "Adios" at JFK/LGA/EWR and ZNY

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001

Pilots are rallying behind Glenn Duffy, the air traffic controller suspended after allowing his kids to issue instructions to airliners at JFK airport, by ending their transmissions the same way Duffy’s son did — by saying “adios.”
The Federal Aviation Administration has come down hard after the incident was made public last week, launching an investigation and suspending its practice of allowing visitors inside air traffic control facilities, including control towers, at all FAA controlled airports nationwide. And Duffy has been suspended pending an investigation. That isn’t sitting well with pilots, who think the feds are being unduly harsh.
A recent posting over at liveatc.net features a radio call from a Delta pilot (.mp3 file) who tells one of the controllers who was working with Duffy at the time, “Thoughts going out to your co-worker there. I think it’s BS what he’s going through.” Other pilots are finishing their transmissions to the tower by saying, “Adios,” according to the New York Daily News. That’s how Duffy’s 9-year-old son ended his communication with the pilot of an AeroMexico flight — who, by the way, responded with an “adios” as well.
During the transmissions, the young boy gives instruction to five planes operating at JFK. With the exception of his Spanish and obviously young voice, Duffy’s son gave the same instructions any controller would. Pilots given instructions by the boy seemed entertained and not at all concerned. Nevertheless, the FAA and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association have condemned the incident.
No word on when the ban on air traffic control tower visits will be lifted.
Photo: Flickr / Vidiot

Read More http://www.wired.com/autopia/2010/03/pilots-say-adios-to-support-suspended-controller/#ixzz0hiokoXUm
Thanks for the thread. I`m in. But How can we support Glenn Duffy? Demostrations, calling senators or Reps or ALPA????
refust to follow ATC until they reinstate him. . . let me know how that turns out for ya.

where in the article does it say that? Or is that your own suggestion? If it is, why make their day worse when they had nothing to do with it.
I say a nation-wide 'adios' campaign.
I'm sorry I'm not "in" on this. He blew it. Stupid move. If a pilot had his kid in the cockpit working the radios, he'd be fired. The public would be outraged, and Congress would have hearings. Of course his union would get his job back. :rolleyes:

This isn't "play time" folks. We're supposed to be about "safety." Not "par-tay."

Doing this at JFK, of all places, went over the line.

You want professional compensation, then we should demand professional behavior.
Chill Halin,

This was stupid for him to do only because of the society we live in. You can't do anything anymore without it being a huge deal. In reality this had absolutely no detrimental effect on safety plus the kid gets to have a great memory with his dad.

It sounds like a big safety issue only because the morons at CNN run headlines like "Kid controls traffic at one of nation's busiest airports." This is disingenuous. So the general public is mislead and the FAA thinks it needs to react. So this guy gets his head on a platter because the FAA wants to be viewed as "tough" on safety issues because it costs nothing and it isn't a tough issue. Sacrificing him is basically a political expedient/public relations driven action. So no, I do not support it.

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