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Stop/Loss Waiver Success Rate?

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Feb 5, 2002
Having just sent my waiver up to 19AF, with both a WG/CC endorsement (we are overmanned) and Reserve Hire letter, I was wondering how people have been doing with their waivers...

For those with WG/CC and ANG/RES backing how long did it take once off base?

Has anyone had it turned down at the AF level after the WG/CC signed?

Did you follow up with phone calls at any point to 'help' it along?

Rumor control: A friend at Laughlin finally got his waiver signed and off base, but waiting the final word.

Vance had a T-37 waiver with the same background approved in a week which seems quick...

Vance MPF said to expect 2-3 weeks...
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Probably a negatory

OK, so I didn't see this thread before I went off half-cocked (Yea, I know, I said cocked - ha ha).

Anyways, my waiver is in the works, but not with an OK from the big man so I don't expect much, but you never know. My disapproval comments said something to the effect of "situation does not meet current AF policy" (I don't have a flying reserve job, but I do have a "points" non-paying reserve job). I have read all the stop loss policy letters, but I guess I missed this policy. Is there something I am missing in there, or is there some type of WOM guidance WG/CCs are getting from the MAJCOMS?

I am thankful for having a job and proud to serve, but a little (OK, maybe a lot) frustrated.


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Got the good news today! Both of the last 2 waivers submitted here (Feb 26) were approved. The data:

Both previously had DOS established prior to 11 Sep.
Both had 'hired' letters from a flying reserve unit.
WG/CC supported waiver.
Units are overmanned (STS).

Good luck to everyone else!
Congrats on the good news.
Where were those waivers submitted on Feb 26? NAF or MAJCOM? Mine's been sitting at ACC for over 5 weeks with no word either way:mad:
26 Feb was off the base from our MPF. I'll see if I can dig up the tracking sheet from MPF tomorrow...
5 Weeks at ACC? Wow! I was told to expect a 30 day turn around. Did your waiver have your wing CC approval on it?

I had a waiver leave my base on 4 Mar faxed to ACC with wing CC approval. No word yet, but hoping to start terminal leave on 13 April. You have me a bit worried if it's taking that long.
I could not get much more info, but waiver went off base the 26 Feb. MPF did not send Addendum from Reserves saying I was hired, so I had to fax that on the 27th. Officially received at AETC on the 27th. Only other dates, in MAJCOMs CV office on 11 Mar, and signed 14 Mar.

Research from several bases in AETC seems to show average total time off base to signature to be 2-3 weeks. I'm guessing the ACC/CV might be a bit more busy with this little war thing going on...

Good luck to all!
Yeah, 5 weeks AND COUNTING. They got the bloody thing Feb 11 -- my group CC had signed off (I don't have a wing CC in this out-in-the-boonies job). We're overmanned and I've got a severely undermanned Guard unit (sts) offering a job (which was included in my waiver package, btw), so I've got no idea what's taking so long. I had hoped on terminal leave 1 Apr so I could make a 15 Apr class date date, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.
Guess I'll just hope for the best.


I'm dying to know....have you heard anything back from ACC? Your last entry was 20 March and indicated it had been 5 weeks. Any news?
Still no word -- 47 days and counting (so much for the "promise" of a 30 day turnaround -- c'mon, they had FOUR WHOLE PAGES to read, I guess I should be understanding:rolleyes: ). Check you PMs for the whole dirty story.

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