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Still ordering...AVOLAR

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
At least by them getting more jets. I am no expert but:

MORE JETS = MORE PILOTS (hopefully they will be highly qualified furloughee types, since they just can't catch a break)

UAL business jet unit orders Learjets
NEW ORLEANS, Dec 12 (Reuters) - Bombardier Inc.

(Toronto:BBDb.TO - news) said on Wednesday that Avolar, the fractional business jet subsidiary of United Airlines (NYSE:UAL - news), has placed firm orders for 25 Learjets and options for an additional 32.

If all options are exercised, the deal could be worth $632 million (C$990 million), Bombardier said of the agreement announced at a National Business Aviation Association meeting in New Orleans.

The deal includes 15 firm super light Bombardier Learjet 45 and 10 firm mid-size Bombardier Learjet 60 aircraft with deliveries expected to start in mid 2002. The options are for 20 Learjet 45 and 12 Learjet 60 business jets.

Avolar announced in November that it had agreed to market corporate jetliners produced by European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. United created the business jet unit in May aimed at offering alternatives for the lucrative business market. It is expected to begin operations in 2002.

Bombardier will provide initial pilot and maintenance training for Avolar crews and the aircraft will be maintained and serviced at Bombardier, and Bombardier-authorized service centers.

Avolar Learjets

Looks like more trouble for Flexjet. If Bombardier is selling Learjets to Avolar, then what does that say about how much confidence parent company Bombardier has in Flexjet.

Also, if you are in the market to buy a fraction of a Lear, wouldn't the United name and reputation impress Daddy Warbucks more than, (giggle) Flexjet?

Has Bombardier given up on Flexjet?
Bombardier is in the business of selling jets. I suspect this is a business decision.

Just keeps getting more interesting. Think about all the 60 qualified guys that will now have other employment options.

As they say, "...as quick as one door closes, another one opens..."
As they say, "...as quick as one door closes, another one opens..."

Ultrarunner, I wish this was true for our furloughed friends. But it isn't! The only door opening is the unemployment office door.

I hear ya Boz, and I'm in the same boat. Patience is the key. IF this Avolar thing goes there will be plenty of opportunites starting this comming year extending for a few years as this company takes deliveries. Currently, Avolar has over 300 aircraft on order/option to be delivered over a 4 year period, and I would expect the orders to increase.

I'm not sure how the fracts staff, (maybe an Exec jet guru can chime in here) but I suspect a conservative estimate is 6 to 8 bodies per plane. So you'll likely need to hire around 1800 to 2400 pilots over a 4 year period......some agressive hiring to be sure.

So, hang in there. Most of us have been enjoying the good life for the past few years, and now we're getting a bit of a reality check. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Maybe this will give a small understanding to unexplained friendship between Avolar ( name translated from the latin verb TO FLY and not from some religious I don't know what - to correct a gentleman who tried to explain the name in an earlier thread) and FlexJet: A few middle and high operational managers from FlexJet were offered similar or higher position by Avolar. Position accepted by all of them. Plus some FlexJet pilots got hired by Avolar.
Very interesting. Not surprising as Avolar needs to begin with some people who have some idea of how to run this type of business.

What has been obviously absent is the lack of posts by Avolar pilots OR by pilots who know some recent Avolar new-hires. I mean 'cmon, they have already snagged some UAL furloughees, and now some Flexjet people. Someone has GOT to start giving it up!

All this has been very quiet.

I don't think there are any relations between Flex and Avolar. If you look at the past there are tons of Flexjet mgmt. people that have left for other fractionals. When they left there were rumors but nothing ever happens.

I would expect to see more Flex mgmt. leaving soon but that's just the life of management.
Dear LR45JI,

I have a strange feeling that you are a FlexJet 45 driver; so in that case you know very well that regarding Flex Management going to other fractionals..... just ONE went to EJA, SOME to Avolar, and majority lost their jobs("to much love for each other") finding something through different other fields. And also you know very well the rumor (MORE OF A HOPE) for a majority of flexjet drivers(at least 45/60s) to get hired by Avolar. I wish them so but I doubt it. Anyway if Avolar gets Lears they will get a very good deal in training their pilots on that new Bombardier's facility next to SimuFlite at DFW - better than to struggle with FSI.
However talking about Avolar drivers I hear that they start with a good pay, in the range of a Capt for other fracs, but they have a 22 catch - very difficult schedule. Don't take my word on this, because I haven't confirmed it yet.

Maybe there ARE some Avolar folks here, and their just in the "stealth" mode?

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