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Anything going on at Spirit? More guys hitting the streets? future hiring/expansion?

Last info seems they are calling back some 20-30ish between Winter and Summer. That will come close to, but probably not result in mandatory recalls thus no hiring in 2010.
What I heard a few weeks ago in recurrent is that...

4 airplanes are confirmed for delivery, 320's
1 in March
1 in April
1 in May
1 in the Fall (August or September)

By April, everyone who wants to be back will be back. New hires for May and the fall...this from P.O.

If they keep the 321's around this seem like it will be true, if the 321's leave the story changes.

Email just went out today for 6 vacancies, 2 DTW, 4 FLL, effective Nov.1

Of course with people on voluntary leave for October, November and December...I'm a little confused by that.
Bulletin revision 1. :rolleyes:

Anytime I see this lady posting something on the remote site, I can't help but think that emancipation is a wonderful thing. Just a century ago she would have been subject to daily spankings by her man just because she would have never been able to produce a proper breakfast, on first try.
Poor thing.
You crack me up bro... at least her sense of humor is genuine, even if no one else gets it.... unlike others at miramar who's sense of humor consists of opening and closing bases and paying money to pilots, then wanting it back.

Speaking of which, any more info on the rumor that returning pilots will be paid full longevity?

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