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Speaking of Dorks...

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Puck Mugger

Well-known member
Aug 16, 2005

Not only did this retard spend 6 grand to sit in a CRJ sim BEFORE he started training, BUT, once he was done training for the Jungle Jet he actually too the time to write a leter telling them that even though he was hired into a different a/c type, the "training made his scan better"

and when the training got real hairy

"Every sim lesson I was getting more and more nervous, but compared to my classmates’ anxiety, I was cooler than Elvis."

One is born every minute. so here's to you Michael Golinder, you are the Regional Dork of the Month.
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At my first regional ground school I smoked so many cigarettes from nerves, I had chest pains in the first day of systems I was so confused (I didn't know what a bus was let alone how an electrical system worked) and I was scared $hitless.......BUT I studied my a$$ off and made it through.....all without going to ATP and wasting $35,000. I can't believe these places actually get people to go there. What a waste of money.
1. Elvis is dead and not cool but cold.
2. Perhaps at 500 hrs he did not have any previous experience to "confuse" him.
3. Dork is way too kind.
Dang, that's a pretty incriminating blurb... Elvis? Whoa.

Where'd you'uns go to flight school? Megadeath? Mugger?
Crap. Not only a dork but one of our dorks. You're right CoATP. Dork is way too kind.
Why do they always work for CHQ?
I would love to be jumpseating on a flight with this moron and a captain that has read this. I may print this out and take it with me, so when I do ever meet this guy, I can slip it to the CPT, as Im leaving. Enjoy this guy CHQ.
That idiot should have been hilarious during IOE...

"At the same time my sim partner and other classmates spent 2-3 sim lessons just trying to figure out the flight director, the autopilot, and glass, while I had some time to concentrate on flows and other details."

My company and the sim instructors expected me to KNOW the flows, profiles, and call outs before we get to the sim.

BTW, calling him a Dork is an insult to the venerable Dornier 328JET. Just cut the PC crap and call it like it is...he's an idiot...with a bad case of Shiny Jet Syndrome.
You guys are all freakin ridiculous. I know him personally and he's a top notch pilot and an all around good guy. He was a career changer and was happy with the education he recieved. The biggest dorks out there are the ones that look this stuff up just to make fun of people. Come on.
The check airman that gave me my ride failed 3 out of 4 people that he checked in my class. It was not an easy check ride. As a matter of fact, it was the hardest one I have ever taken, but I passed, thanks in no small part to the Regional Jet Standards Program

What kind of evil check rides are they giving you guys over there, either the Training is lacking or you have a few check airmen over there with wild hairs up their asses.

At XJT of the 16 people I started with there was only one checkride failure and one other person didnt make it out of ground school.

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