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Southwest Questions

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New member
Jun 28, 2002
Just finishing up my requirements for Southwest and planning on getting the type rating done this fall. Wanted to know if any Southwest folks could comment on new salary rates, what the bases look like seniority wise, and what a normal month, if there is such a thing, looks like as far as the flying schedule goes. So far, everything I've heard is that it's an awesome company to work for, and the financials certainly seem to back this up. Thanks and hope some of the poolies get calls soon.
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I'm just a lowly poolie so I can't brief as a SWA pilot, and not to blow you off, but there have been some good posts on the exact questions you asked. DHampton started one on the seniority question a few weeks ago. If you just search for SWA seniority or SWA pay rates you might find exactly what you're looking for. The search button is up at the top of the page.

Good Luck

To make it easy, here is a "best case" (depending on profitibility) if you were to start on 9/1/02. Most folks average 100 trips per month. You can fly much more (120 or more) if you want no life and live in domicile.

1st Year: 35.40/ trip.
2nd Year: 64.27/ trip
3rd Year: 81.17/ trip
4th Year: 93.63/ trip
5th Year: 104.25/trip or:
5th Year: 160.39/trip if you upgrade this year

Also, if hired on that date you will receive 4032 stock options. They will vest 3 months after your hire date (on 12/1/02 for this hypothetical). What that means is if the stock price on 12/1/02 is $15.00 and stays $15.00 they are worthless. But if they go to $25 say in a year or two, then they will be worth $40,320. ($10 X 4032). If the stock makes it to $35 in a few years, then the options will be worth $80, 640 and so on. You may cash them in anytime you want (so long as they have value!) But you have only 8 years to exercise your options.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Shag. You are a credit to the pilot gene pool. After 13 years of being a dedicated wannabe I finally understand stock options. Now, for those of us who absolutely aren't going to be on the property on 9-1-02, do you have any idea how many options the poolies might get if hired ??? (Feb. or March '03)?
(I'm also guessing this is based on the proposed interim contract.)
As always, good rumors are always welcome.
Thanks alot for the info shag. Especially with the stock options, I had heard alot about that, but that's the best explanation I've seen. Slug I'm going to try that search now, new on the site so just getting all this figured out.
Great post

Outstanding post. it s nice to get any kind of solid numbers when you are in the pool. (do you have a class date for me?) ;)
Thanks for your time Shag
hope to be part of the team soon
Shag... Great Post!!

I really am enjoying this whole pool thing, BUT i definitely hope I get out before I have to become a member of the Polar Bears club. I guess with 4032 stock options I could buy one sweet wetsuit!!

I can't wait either way!!!!

You go JB... come on and shake that big hiring tree!!!!!:cool:

Are those rates/trip and stock options from the new contract proposal or from the current contract? Also what is the monthly trip guarantee? Finally, are there any contractual guidelines to your profit sharing? Or is management under no obligation to pay out any profit sharing "bonuses."

I'm trying to see how much further ATA pilots will fall behind SWA pilots if we ratify the TA before us.

The numbers you posted are much higher than what our MEC published in a contract comparison sent out to us last year. If you get a chance to reply before July 2, I'd appreciate it. Our MEC is hosting a "road show" on that date, and they are going to have some explaining to do.

Looks like I should dust off the old resume when I become eligible to apply to SWA again (I had a bad day in Dallas a year ago).

Thanks in advance for the info. You've already provided enough ammo to put our MEC on the hot seat.


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