Southwest Airlines pilot union activates its strike preparedness committee


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Dec 30, 2011
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The problem with this is SWAPA can threaten untill there blue in the face but they can never afford to strike. It's kind of like United in the 80's, too many people they had stepped on in the past.

Who do you work for ?

Not sure why your too embarrassed to say .


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Jun 7, 2007
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10k ?
I guess that's why they call you "Dicko." :(


Why they call me Dicko, is a personal matter. Much like my choice of velvet and rubber in everyday clothing.

I was actually attempting to make a point. No, I wouldn't ignore Retro. However; 22% of the pilot group are 'different' in some ways. That can either be a strength or a weakness.

The point is partially moot. It appears that a year of retro has already been surrendered based upon pilots voting for another yet scam - A profitability indexed pay raise. I'm sure nobody would fall for this kind of scam again in a Contract .......... Would they ?

One bright spot. The people that I've flown with have been a real pleasure. Good mentors who've bought me rain water and pure grain alcohol. Sadly, there has been only one glaring exception. One of our own. The ATL really is special. Sigh.