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Solution to all the money losing and w/ $25 seats

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When will spring be here?
Jun 18, 2005
I have a solution to all of the money losing probs in our industry. Management can sell all the $25 seats that they want. However, once the pax are on board, the captain will make an anouncement. "Folks, Delta (insert any carrier here) has generously provided you a comfortable seat for the incredible cost of only $25, however in order for that seat to take you to your final destination everyone is now going to have to chip in for the price of jet fuel. Today's market price is x.xx and we will be needing xxxx gallons. So the price for those on board to make those seats move is $xxx.xx each. Please have your credit cards or checkbooks handy as our fine flight attendants make their way down the aisle. ....."
Guess, what we'd have no more griping about the cost of fuel. All of the problems majically solved.

This may have been influenced by the consumption of a few adult beverages..lmao
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They already done that with the meals. They are walking down the aisles selling meals and snacks like beer vendors at a ball game. So why not.
Make all airlines jet fuel price neutral???

Good part--Passengers would learn who flies what because they would be paying more for flying on a 737-200 vs. 737-800 with winglets (fuel burned/pax carried). Those 50 seat RJ's would really frost'em too.

Bad part--The passengers would get upset flying on airlines with low load factors and may choose to beat the F/A's in retaliation.

Good idea but those with hedges will cry foul. Let's do this in 2008 when the hedges run out.
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I've actually got a better idea... It's called fleet rationalization. Start parking a bunch of these 50-seat RJ's and let the few remaining ones do what they were supposed to do in the first place, feed larger mainline jets. And then that brings us to the mainline scenerio...

The mainline did get a little crazy trying to operate all sorts of different types...

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