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So, what's up at Jetsuite? Any updates?

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Heavy Set

Well-known member
Nov 28, 2002
I remember a few months ago when there was a bunch of excitement about Jetsuite and getting an interview there to fly the Phenom 100. Evidently a few people were hired. Since then I haven't heard much... I guess I am out of the loop.

Anyone got the latest update on Jetsuite and its progress? When am I going to start seeing these Phenoms lined up on the ramps at VNY, LGB, LAS, SDL, etc. with all of those orders?

I fly into SoCal all the time and I haven't seen or heard much. Does Jetsuite have a callsign yet or a distinctive paint scheme?
Jetsuite facing financing challenges for Phenom100


NBAA 09: Financing challenges at JetBird and JetSuite drive Phenom 100 delivery shortfall
By Brendan Sobie

In another sign of the tough economic times, Embraer has more than 10 Phenom 100 very light jets sitting at the factory waiting for delivery as European air taxi start-up JetBird and US charter operator JetSuite struggle to secure financing.
The manufacturer was expecting to deliver 35-40 Phenom 100s in the third quarter, but delivered only 22 aircraft. Chief executive Fred Curado says Embraer has not encountered any problems ramping up production, but "commercial issues" have prevented it from meeting its delivery targets.
Embraer executive vice-president for executive aviation Luis Carlos Affonso says two of Embraer's largest Phenom 100 customers, JetBird and JetSuite, have not begun taking any of its Phenom 100s due to financing issues and account for a majority of the "shortfall".
JetBird, which has been planning to launch operations across Europe in September, has 59 Phenom 100s on order. JetSuite has not taken any of its 50 Phenom 100s on order although it has begun operating managed Phenom 100s.

"I believe they are very close to taking delivery of airplanes," Affonso told Flight Evening News.
Affonso and Curado are confident Embraer will able to catch up on Phenom 100 deliveries this quarter. Curado says Embraer's earlier target of delivering 110 Phenom 100s this year "is still doable" although this will require 65 fourth quarter deliveries.
He ays Embraer is on track from a production standpoint. He says the 100th production Phenom 100 is already on the assembly line.
Affonso adds that if JetBird and JetSuite are able to close on financing both will be able to take several aircraft in quick succession.
Given the current backlog, the next available slot for a Phenom 100 or 300 is technically 2013, but Affonso acknowledges Embraer has 2010 slots available for both types. He says Embraer is still on track to certificate and deliver the first batch of Phenom 300s at the end of this year.
I heard recently that the sim is FINALLY certified. Took long enough. I thought I'd have to do recurrent (in about 2-3 months already) in the airplane, too.
I saw a few random Phenom 100s when I flew into VNY and PSP recently but I haven't personally heard a "Jetsuite" callsign on the radio.
I did my Beechjet recurrent at SimuFlite this week and the Phenom classroom was on the way to the sim so I poked my head in. I saw a couple (there may have been more) of "name plates" with Jetsuite listed as the company.
They have two planes in Long Beach, Ca. I got a chance to speak with one of the crews. They did not really offer too much information on what the latest or greatest was. Nice looking plane though.
I like the paint scheme. Hey, I hope JetSuite does very well because it is focused on a wealthy area (SoCal and NorCal with Vegas) and the price is pretty competitive for relatively short flights. You don't need super luxurious aircraft on really short flights (i.e., SNA to LAS). Only time will tell of course...

What's the latest word on hiring at JetSuite? I read that some candidates in the pool were called recently.

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