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SkyWest News

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Well-known member
Aug 12, 2005
Just to let you all know, SkyWest cancelled ALL new hire classes thru the 1st of the year. This may change at any time. Heard that they still were conducting interviews but not for classes, just filling up the pool.
source? and why would this be? I have a buddy in class now, he wont be affected will he?
I would also like to know your source. I was talking to a Skywest captain last week and said they were still hiring. Is this "class cancelation" a reality or random 'scare' speech?
We just got a memo that said DAL is reducing their sched 20% in Jan and UAL is going to reduce the Bro flying, so they're gonna hold off on classes until they get the final schedules so they can plan for staffing adequately.

We still have 13 RJs coming in Jan/Feb, and they just announced another 22 jets on order today (SKYW or ASA to receive them, not yet announced), so I really wouldn't loose too much sleep over it. I think they're just trying to keep staffing on the lean side and don't want to over-hire. It might delay your class a month or two, but I'd bet a Corona (3.2%, that is) you'll be in SLC enjoying a Mexican food coma at The Red Iguana in no time.

If the past is any guide, expect us to be understaffed in a month or two, all vacations denied, and memos from on top about running full classes every three weeks to cover this "unexpected" shortage...
A friend interviewed at skywest recently and he was told they were hiring into a pool.

I also heard that they arent even interviewing anymore. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

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