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Skywest New Hire Class???

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Active member
Oct 4, 2005
Anybody know anything yet? I seen the old thread was lost. Like I said before I don't think there will be any f/o classes until March. It looks like the f/o ranks are plenty. I hope its worth the wait.
All depends on who you ask. Cassidy still says that mgmt says late Jan to early Feb, however others (in Ops) say nothing for Jan or Feb. How long you been in the pool?
Next class

I also heard (from Cassidy) that the next class would be late Jan or Feb, and have seen on this forum and others that the next Capt. class is on for Jan. Also heard on this forum that the attrition rate is 15-20 per month, so more pilots are needed. I think it all comes down to what Delta flying needs are next year. I can't wait to quit my present job and do something different for a while.

Cstyle, Merry Christmas, back at you.

THere is less than 50 people in the pool. yet there is a new "whens the next newhire class for SKywest" every week. Just wait for the call or email from Skywest because reading about rumors that people spill on this website are only gonna disappoint u.
A bunch of upgrades/transfers were just awarded on the internal website. That's a good omen for newhire classes.

They said it was a test email to ensure that all the email addresses on the distribution list were correct. Management is putting together a letter that will come out later on today.

We're getting all of the ASA SLC 70 seater flying within a month or two. That is why the letter is coming out and why we have 162 lines in Jan. with 100+ reserves, for now.

...at least that is what an intern in the SLC CP's office told my friend :)


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